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Scale Student Success with Digital Badging & Pathways

Map an intentional journey to completion (with a purpose)

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Your Smart & Scalable Badging Platform

An all-in-one solution for your program, campus, or system to supercharge its badging and student success initiatives


1. Motivate Students Along Intentional Pathways

From day 1 on campus, students should see where they are, where they're going, how they'll get there, and why it's worth it. Custom pathways are the vehicle for doing this at scale.

  • Milestone Planning
  • Co-Curricular Planning & Assessment
  • Student Success Journeys
  • Program Pathways
  • 1st Generation Pathways

2. Automatically Issue Badges at Set Milestones

Take away the friction of manually issuing & claiming badges by auto-issuing and direct-depositing them into ePortfolios. Portfolium integrates with open badge issuers like Badgr & Credly.

  • Accomplishment Badges
  • Competency Badges
  • Event/Attendance Badges
  • Participation Badges
  • Student Org Badges

3. Report on Outcomes Across Various Cohorts

Not all students are motivated in the same way. Create different & stackable pathways and report in real-time on their success. Engage students individually at critical points along their pathway.

  • 1st Generation Students
  • 1st Year Transition
  • Demographic Reporting
  • Department or Major Specific
  • Retention & Engagement Reports

Issuing Badges Along Pathways

Pathways are the GPS for your students to chart their course, see the big picture objectives, and track their progress in real-time

Career Readiness Pathways

GenEd Pathways

Leadership Dev Pathway

First Year Transition Pathways

Your Trusted Solution

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What Happens After a Badge is Issued?

Did you know only 10% of badges are ever claimed by the recipient? Portfolium removes friction and adds value for the recipient, which is why we see 100% claimed.

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Create intentional digital pathways for students to travel along, earn badges, and stay motivated and engaged (completion with a purpose)

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