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Scale Student Success with Digital Badging & Pathways

Map an intentional journey to completion (with a purpose)

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Your Smart & Scalable Badging Platform

An all-in-one solution for your program, campus, or system to supercharge its badging and student success initiatives


1. Motivate Students Along Intentional Pathways

From day 1 on campus, students should see where they are, where they're going, how they'll get there, and why it's worth it. Custom pathways are the vehicle for doing this at scale.

  • Milestone Planning
  • Co-Curricular Planning & Assessment
  • Student Success Journeys
  • Program Pathways
  • 1st Generation Pathways

2. Automatically Issue Badges at Set Milestones

Take away the friction of manually issuing & claiming badges by auto-issuing and direct-depositing them into ePortfolios. Portfolium integrates with open badge issuers like Badgr & Credly.

  • Accomplishment Badges
  • Competency Badges
  • Event/Attendance Badges
  • Participation Badges
  • Student Org Badges

3. Report on Outcomes Across Various Cohorts

Not all students are motivated in the same way. Create different & stackable pathways and report in real-time on their success. Engage students individually at critical points along their pathway.

  • 1st Generation Students
  • 1st Year Transition
  • Demographic Reporting
  • Department or Major Specific
  • Retention & Engagement Reports

Issuing Badges Along Pathways

Pathways are the GPS for your students to chart their course, see the big picture objectives, and track their progress in real-time

Career Readiness Pathways

GenEd Pathways

Leadership Dev Pathway

First Year Transition Pathways

Your Trusted Solution

Serving more than 4,000,000 students and 40,000 educators from over 3,600 institutions in 18 countries

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What Happens After a Badge is Issued?

Did you know only 10% of badges are ever claimed by the recipient? Portfolium removes friction and adds value for the recipient, which is why we see 100% claimed.

Portfolium has proudly contributed to and been featured in

A trusted partner to hundreds

We're proud to be partnered with hundreds of institutions of all shapes and sizes - all united by student success

"Our Provost's office had multiple committees trying to tackle 3 key strategic initiatives: Badging, Assessment and Student Engagement. We were expecting to purchase 3 different technologies for this, but Portfolium came in and solved all three in one powerful, robust solution."

— Michael Tew, Vice Provost, Eastern Michigan University

"Portfolium has the most user friendly design and functionality towards career readiness and matching. It also seamlessly connects with various products our students already use."

— James R. Hintz, Director of Leadership & Professional Development, Purdue University

"Portfolium enabled us to meet key needs on campus, from Student Affairs to college-wide ePortfolios connecting curricular and co-curricular achievement in a lifelong learning profile that is marketable and accessible beyond the University."

— Stefanie Metko, Director of Teaching & Learning Engagement, Virginia Tech

"As a Blackboard Certified trainer and Social Media expert, I have never seen a quality product that helps students and employers and faculty in such a powerful way that integrates with our LMS. I have been searching for decades for an ePortfolio product that has all the features and connections that Portfolium has."

— Dr. Michael Myers, Chair of Health Sciences, National University

"In the first 12 months of the use of the platform, Georgia State students posted more than 115,000 artifacts of their work to their Portfolium pages, and in the process, they are regularly thinking about the competencies that they are acquiring and why it matters to potential employers."

— Dr. Timothy Renick, Vice Provost & VP for Enrollment Management & Student Success, Georgia State University

"The real beauty of Portfolium isn't that it allows students to display their skills and achievements. It is that it allows them to extract meaning from curricular and co-curricular learning, and aids them in developing a vernacular for talking about their skills, experience, and competencies."

— Dr. Barbara LoMonaco, VP of Student Affairs, Salve Regina University

"The California State University is excited about its partnership with Portfolium, which represents another tool to help our students be successful while attending the University, as well as help them find jobs after they graduate. We also see this as another way to increase the opportunities for networking among our alumni."

— Loren Blanchard, Exec Vice Chancellor of Academic & Student Affairs, The California State University System

"Portfolium provides the university the ability to forge a common language. Meaning, faculty can track learning outcomes, employers can search and match for learned skills, while career services helps students leverage this recognition. Without Portfolium, students are usually left to bridge all this stuff themselves, while universities continue to just build bigger silos."

— Kelley Bishop, Executive Career Center Director, The University of Maryland

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Create intentional digital pathways for students to travel along, earn badges, and stay motivated and engaged (completion with a purpose)

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