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Canvas Pathways

Student Success: It’s About the Journey AND the Destination

It's important to help students see where their learning journeys have taken them and where they lead: graduation and beyond.

Canvas Pathways engages students through custom, stackable pathways, helps them navigate their academic and co-curricular journeys, and provides a roadmap for acquiring new skills.

Your Smart & Scalable Badging Tool

Motivate Students With Big-Picture Maps

Custom, stackable pathways helps students understand exactly where they are in their learning process, what they're working to accomplish, and how each step along the way contributes to a greater goal.

Make Badges Matter

Badges issued without any actual evidence assessment provide little value. Canvas Pathways allows students to attach photos, files, and artifacts directly to the badge, and then share that badge with potential employers, faculty, and more.

Make Badges Automatic

Studies suggest that students miss claiming up to 90% of their badges and ignore 54% of their emails. Canvas Pathways automatically issues badges and showcases them on students' digital portfolios. They'll never lose a badge again.

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Badging in Education

Understand more about the history of badging and its benefits, as you read this best practice advice on how to set up a system-wide, scalable approach to badging on your campus.

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A Student-Centered Approach

Portfolium, a member of the Canvas product family, is used by over 3,600 institutions to help assess the effectiveness of their programs and courses, certify students’ competencies, and empower students to showcase their achievements and skills with evidence.