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Video made smart, easy, engaging, and—yes—interactive

Canvas Studio is the next-generation, interactive, video-centric approach to learning that turns one-way, passive video into two-way, inclusive, productive discussion.

Engaging (and not just because it's an edu-buzzword)

Canvas Studio engages learners and instructors. They can share, comment, and give feedback all within the video timeline—and all in real time! That way, learners learn from each other’s insights as well as from the instructor.

Canvas Studio makes it easy for faculty to create engaging video and for students to participate in dynamic conversations as they view the video independently. And it provides a platform for students (who might otherwise be passive and non-participatory in class) to interact and participate.

Measuring Impact With Actionable Insights

Instructors and administrators can access useful analytics and insights—like which videos people are watching, for how long, and when they stop watching. Faculty can see data for the overall class or narrow down to specific students. It all adds up to invaluable insight into how to engage with students more deeply and meaningfully.

Artboard 10 ( C AN V A S ROCKS )

Easy to: submit, watch, comment, and grade

Students can submit a video as part of any project. Teachers can watch the video and leave comments throughout, making it easy to make inline comments in specific parts of the video. And, like the rest of Canvas, you get SpeedGrader functionality, so it's easy to provide targeted feedback, apply rubrics, and give quick feedback in Canvas.

Quizzes & Video: Two Great Things That Go Great Together

Faculty can easily assess students by creating a quiz—choosing from a variety of question types—directly on the video timeline. Students can then watch the video and either answer questions as they go or once the video's over. They get immediate feedback on how well they did. And their performance data transfers directly to the Canvas GradeBook. Futuristic? Or Canvas? (Canvas.).