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Learning & Growth Keep Us All Blazing Trails (& Dodging Fails)

At Instructure, we help move learning and growth forward, with platforms that simplify teaching, learning, and career development.


Understand and impact student achievement.

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Higher Ed

Help students and faculty succeed in a modern learning environment.

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Showcase skills through student-created folios.

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Employee Development

Actively develop employees and their careers.

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CanvasCon Online Keynotes & Agenda!

October 15 at 10 a.m. | 3 Global Timezones

The agenda is live, and it's full of tips, tricks, and takeaways to support and inspire you during these strange times. And to kick things off: LeVar Burton and Sal Khan! Start marking your must-attend sessions.


We See You, Teachers

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Some of the Awesome Companies We Work With

Customer Story

Canvas: Santa Ana Unified School District

When Canvas LMS launched at the Santa Ana Unified School District, it was enthusiastically adopted by teachers and administrators alike. Canvas has allowed the staff to access all the educational features they need in one place, simplifying the teaching process, and saving them time. It's also allowed educators who may fear technology to embrace it, driving their students' learning experience into the modern age.

Customer Story

Bridge & RainFocus: People Create Value

"When people feel like their manager actually cares about them and their career, that just makes employee engagement better. When employee engagement is better, people create more value. When people create more value, RainFocus gets more valuable to its customers, and so it's this virtuous cycle."

A Few of the Many Ways You Can Improve Teaching, Learning, and Working


Personalized Learning

Canvas gives teachers the tools to differentiate instruction for every student in an effective and scalable way. Learn more

Student Engagement

With Canvas, teachers can engage students in an active, modern learning experience that impacts achievement. Learn More

Equitable Access

Canvas helps districts find their highest-performing classrooms and scale their curriculums and strategies to other classrooms and schools. Learn More

Higher Ed

Improved Learning

Canvas improves teaching and learning, mobility, communication, and analytics for an all-around better educational experience. Learn More

Student Success

Canvas makes it easier to see who’s struggling, provide timely, relevant feedback, and track progress. Learn More

Institutional Success

With Canvas’ huge (and hugely helpful) user community and sky-high adoption rates, institutions are well-positioned for the future. Learn More


Employee Development

With Bridge, you can develop your people in a way that aligns to their core drivers and supports their career goals. Learn More

Performance Management

Bridge tracks one-on-one conversations, helps individuals align their goals to company goals, and provides tools for skill assessment. Learn More

Employee Engagement

Bridge lets you analyze employee sentiment, measure engagement, and give your people a voice in the company culture. Learn More

We Hate to Brag… But We’re Proud of These Awards