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Higher Ed is Changing: Students Need Flexibility, Equitable Access & Employable Skills

Students are questioning the value and return on their educational investment. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how these institutions are meeting their student’s needs.

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HIED Student Needs

This is What
We Discussed

In this on-demand webinar, watch our panelists, Dr. Kelvin Thompson from UCF, Dr. Nargas Oskui, from the University of Michigan, and Jace Gilbert from Instructure as they discuss:

The state of higher education today

Student’s need for convenience and flexibility between in-person, online, or hybrid courses

The requirement to bridge the digital divide & providing equitable access

The importance of preparing students for the world of work

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Panel of Experts

Dr. Kelvin Thompson, Exec Dir, Center for Distributed Learning at the University of Central Florida

Dr. Kelvin Thompson

Executive Director, Center for Distributed Learning, University of Central Florida
Nargas Oskui, Instructional Learning Specialist Senior at the University of Michigan

Dr. Nargas Oskui

Instructional Learning Specialist Senior, University of Michigan
Jace Gilbert, Principal Solutions Engineer, Instructure

Jace Gilbert

Senior Director Solutions Engineer, Instructure