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Announcing new “experience” requirements and reviewer capabilities in Portfolium

Imagine you’re a student passionate about climate change. As you navigate your way through your education, you find ways to incorporate this passion into your coursework. You write an essay about it in a persuasive writing class or take a closer look at its impact in biology or earth sciences classes. Outside of coursework, you organize community fundraisers, volunteer with local organizations, secure an internship, create social media campaigns, and even conduct and publish some of your own thoughts and ideas on blogs and other platforms. 

As you move through your education, you decide you’d like to pursue a career related to climate change. At this point, it becomes crucial to show your experience, work, and skills you’ve developed throughout your education. It also becomes vital that potential employers can see your work and gain a true understanding of what you’ve accomplished and what you could offer. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to showcase all of it in one place? 

The ability for students to showcase their skills and achievements has never been more important than today. And we see how students acquire skills and deepen their competencies through coursework, co-curricular activities, interactions with others, and even one-time experiences.

That’s why we’re excited to release enhanced functionality that makes it easier for reviewers to assess and score skills and competencies and allow students to better showcase their growth and capabilities. 

New “experience” requirement type

The ability to demonstrate skills and competencies with evidence--such as course artifacts and assignments--is critical.

But key milestones in students’ growth may involve experiences that don’t necessarily have an accompanying artifact or deliverable, such as attending a career fair, concert, community event, or other experiences. These experiences are often scored on attendance, performance, or completion.

This new functionality allows coordinators to select the Experience requirement type, but not require that an artifact be submitted. Experiences still must be scored, but will be assessed with a Pass/Fail or numerical score.

Product Portfolium Screenshot

Improve the review process with requirement reviewers and bulk scoring

Along with allowing students to complete no-submission requirements within Pathways, we’ve also made it easier to coordinate the reviewing of any requirements. Oftentimes, there is one individual who manages a specific set of students, assignments, or requirements. When this is the case, it’s important that one (and only one) reviewer be assigned to that requirement

The new requirement reviewer functionality in Pathways allows a specific reviewer to be assigned to any assignment. This ensures consistency and accuracy as students’ work is assessed and scored.

Product Portfolium Screenshot

Having one specific reviewer for an assignment can potentially increase workload. To help reviewers streamline and simplify the scoring process, we’ve added the ability to bulk score the new experience requirements. This capability allows you to upload a CSV containing students’ names and scores, and have the scoring automatically completed in just seconds. You’ll be able to preview those scores to ensure their accuracy, and then submit them with just one click.

Product Portfolium Screenshot

We’re excited for the many ways in which institutions, faculty, and students can take advantage of these product updates to enhance and diversify their learning experience, as well as help faculty maintain time and attention on what matters most. 

To learn more about these features, and answer any other questions you may have, visit