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      The Evolving Role of Our Customer Success Managers

      As the Chief Customer Experience Officer at Instructure, customer success is near and dear to my heart. If you've been part of the #CanvasFam for more than a few years, you've likely noticed that your experience with your customer success manager (CSM) has evolved as our company has grown.

      A CSM is the liaison/advocate between you (our customer) and our internal teams at Instructure. Considered the “face” of the company, CSMs can connect you to the appropriate internal team for help—whether that's sales, training, product/engineering, support, implementation, renewals, or one of the other Instructure teams dedicated to helping you.

      As our user base continues to grow, it's essential that we meet your needs in a scalable way. Whether you work with a specific CSM or a CSM team, the structure of customer success may look different moving forward, but our goal remains the same: Build and maintain customer success by deepening adoption, solving problems, and providing value

      With the changing educational landscape, we're committed to continuing to help you be successful. We'll do this by providing more self-service resources and guides, directing your inquiries to the correct department, evangelizing the need to engrain yourself in the Canvas Community for deeper knowledge and expertise, and providing strategies and tips. Regardless of any operational changes, what hasn't changed is our commitment to supporting you and your success with our products. That will forever be a priority!

      Now, operationally, remember that if something in Canvas appears to be working incorrectly, your best first step is to create a ticket with our Support Team. After doing that, please loop in your CSM so they can ensure it moves quickly in the right direction. CSMs have a wealth of knowledge and resources to provide, but our Support Team has tools to help quickly resolve something that may be broken.

      This year has been full of change, and that may include your relationship with your CSM. Please know that we are 100% committed to helping you achieve your institutional goals. I always welcome feedback on how we can improve, whether it's through bi-annual CSAT surveys, direct feedback to your CSM or CSM team, or reaching out to our Sr. Director of Customer Success, Libby Knott (

      Keep learning,
      Melissa Loble, Chief Customer Experience Officer