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      Lean on the New & Improved Canvas Community for Back-to-School Planning

      It’s hard to believe that in just six short years the Canvas Community has grown from 5,600 users to over ONE MILLION today. It’s inspiring to see the collaboration, dedication, and care each and every Canvas user brings to our growing online platform, and the way it has brought educators together from all over the world to help one another and grow—especially in these times of uncertainty. 

      To continue investing in the educators that make the Canvas world go ‘round, we've improved our Community platform! That’s right, the Community has a whole new look and improved search capabilities. But don’t worry! Your login and content history will remain the same.

      In the spirit of strengthening our community and helping you prepare for a busy back-to-school season, I’d like to share four pillars of the Canvas Community you can lean on for additional support.

      #1 Canvas Commons

      Dubbed as the place “teachers help teachers,” Commons is a great time-saving resource full of course templates, assignments, and modules for every subject and grade level. Search for templates to get you started and directly upload them into your Canvas account to personalize and share with your team. 

      Canvas Commons 1

      Recommended Action: Identify a full course, home page, and module template for your grade level, subject, or team and use it across the board to streamline the course-building process. When each educator on your team is building from the same starting point, there will be more consistency in teaching and learning, and teachers will be freed up to focus on creating interactive curriculum.

      #2 “Ask a Question”

      Learning how to use a new feature? Troubleshooting an issue in your Canvas account? Ask a Canvas expert! Located on the home page of the Community is a red button titled, “Ask a Question” that enables educators to reach out to all Canvas users for help or additional insight on a specific Canvas problem, feature, or integration. It’s a place where meaningful discussions take place and helpful tips are shared. Join the discussion!

      Ask a question 1

      Recommended Action: If you have a Canvas-related question that may have already been asked and answered, type it in the search bar on the Community homepage and sort through previous responses. You’d be surprised at how many responses might already exist that will address your problem.

      #3 Guides

      Whatever tool or product you're using, there’s a guide for it! 

      Each guide has step-by-step lessons and instructions specific to your role and use level. Here are a few of our favorite Canvas guides to help you start the year off on the right foot:

      Recommended Action: Before using a new product or tool, start by reviewing our Community guides for a smooth setup process. Each guide will include responses and tips to commonly asked questions to help you take the next step on your Canvas journey.

      #4 Shareable Videos 

      In the spirit of sharing, we started an ongoing live stream series at the beginning of March to share Canvas best practices, tips, and tricks from our super users all over the world. Today, we have almost 100 sessions to help you take your Canvas usage to the next level. To get you started, we pulled together a collection of our 2020 live streams for all things Canvas.

      Recommended Action: Share our 2020 live stream collection with your team for a quick Canvas refresh before the new school year starts, and check back regularly for new videos and more tips from dynamic educators like you.

      I hope you've found these resources helpful and will use them to make meaningful connections in the Canvas Community as it continues to grow. For more of our most-loved Canvas back-to-school best practices and educator tips, check out our Canvas Resource Roundup.