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      HelloID: Realize Your Opportunity

      Technology shouldn’t be an obstacle in your classrooms. While an increasing number of districts are realizing how EdTech optimizes classroom time and enhances the overall learning experience, everything grinds to a halt if you can’t access those resources. When teachers or students face access challenges with IT resources, instruction gets delayed and the whole class suffers.

      With the degree EdTech has transformed how classrooms operate over the past decade, access for students and staff is simply mission critical. EdTech access must be seamless—invisible, even—so that all you see is learning opportunity.

      As we continually adopt technology-focused classroom settings, districts are deploying solutions to assist teachers in making learning a true ‘bell-to-bell’ experience. Tools4ever, a leading provider of identity governance and administration solutions for the past twenty years, provides an increasingly popular solution among districts to achieve just that: HelloID.

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      HelloID is a cloud-based Identity and Access Management solution that provides integrations to countless resources, including Instructure’s Learning Management Solution, Canvas. With HelloID, your students will have quick and secure access to all of their applications via an easy-to-use Single Sign-On dashboard. HelloID was created to simplify any district's access and approval processes, and offers a large selection of features, including “Service Automation” (self-service), Single Sign-On (SSO), access management, account provisioning, and other functionalities. 

      How HelloID can help you:

      • Eliminate the wasted classroom time of students struggling to log into their resources
      • Increase your security with a universal Single Sign-On dashboard protected by configurable Multifactor Authentication and access policies
      • Allow students/staff to easily request access to various resources directly from the appropriate and knowledgeable decision maker
      • Provides detailed activity logs, allowing your district to easily track all activity, resources, and data

      HelloID minimizes access struggles. There’s no more confusion or forgotten passwords for individual resources. Teachers no longer have to delay lessons to help students or risk letting them fall behind. Instant, seamless access with HelloID optimizes your classroom time into true “bell-to-bell” experiences. 

      Technology will continue to evolve. Keeping pace with information technology can inadvertently eclipse learning opportunities when access and integration challenges threaten your environment. Tools4ever provides solutions and expertise that minimize worry and enable your students’ success. In an ever-changing digital world, we create seamless access to information that increases security and reduces risk, so that our districts can realize all of their learning opportunities.

      Tools4ever is committed to ensuring the protection and privacy of student data, and is an active member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium. To learn more about HelloID, contact one of our US office locations, or email

      It’s time to realize your district’s opportunity. With HelloID.