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      Student Assessment and Planning for the School Year Ahead

      Hear how long-term educators and district leaders are meeting students where they are and ensuring growth throughout the school year ahead.



      Why assessment will be more important than ever

      With twenty-five percent of the previous year's content getting delivered via remote learning, and with no-end-of-year testing scores to reference for student performance, how will districts prepare for Fall 2020? To better personalize learning during this unprecedented time, schools should look to develop a strong assessment strategy that informs teaching and learning at all levels to mitigate learning loss the best they can.

      • Listen to this webinar and learn how schools can:
      • Leverage a simple framework for improving communication and assessment processes.
      • Take a data-driven approach to monitor student learning, while proactively providing intervention strategies.
      • Support teachers, provide world-class professional development opportunities, and increase collaboration district-wide.
      • Streamline the development of curriculum or assessment maps at the district, school or teacher level.

      Don't miss out on the opportunity to get your upcoming school year and students on track to succeed.