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      #CanvasChat: Using Ed Tech to Support Your Face-to-Face Classroom

      Okay, I admit my perspective may be skewed since I work here at Canvas, but I find it fascinating to hear how face-to-face classrooms are using technology. I get a pretty steady stream of commentary from my Gen Z kidlet about what’s going on in her classes, but a lot has changed since I stopped working in schools eight years ago.

      This week our #CanvasChat focused on how to use technology in your face-to-face classroom and I learned a ton. We started out thinking about the student benefits (#StartWithTheWhy) and immediately pointed out both accommodations and cost savings.

      A1: Students who have anxiety, or executive functioning disorder can use digital tools so they do not have to speak in front of others, or they do not lose their work, as it is more easily accessible and stored better. #CanvasChat

      — Jim Wolf (@wjameswolf) March 4, 2020

      a1) They can save money by being paperless and also turn things in when absent or sick. #CanvasChat

      — Dr Theresa Cullen (@DrTerriC) March 4, 2020

      Then we’re off to the races with ideas to enable the previously impossible, including immediate feedback, lots on backchannel chat, and, my favorite, going to DisneyLand I mean new ways to collaborate (#SAMR.)

      A2) Instant feedback for students with games such as Kahoot, Quizizz, Gimkit, etc. as well as GoFormative. Also offers opportunities for Ss to get instructions and/or info as many times as they need it. #CanvasChat

      — Chris Hitchcock 🌏🌍📚 (@CHitch94) March 4, 2020

      R2: collaboration on projects was possible, but it resulted in students being in the same locale. Kids can work together through technology basically anywhere in the world. Have a student taking video at Disney for a project; kids here are editing and submitting. #CanvasChat

      — Kevin Self (@LCHS_Physics) March 4, 2020

      Finally, we had loads of recommendations for non-Canvas tools to try, new things to do with them, and excellent T-shrit design (#Quizlet #FlipBoard #NearPod #NoReallyThat’sNotMisspelled.)

      A3: @nearpod love it! And love that it works with @CanvasLMS #CanvasChat

      — AltheaTechTools (@altheatechtools) March 4, 2020

      A3: My favorites would have to be @plickers and @Freerice. So many fun ways to activate prior knowledge and engage students in formative learning opportunities #CanvasChat

      — Travis N Thurston, PhD ⚡️ (@travesty328) March 4, 2020

      A3: One of my favorite #gamified tools to use with our #FIU students is @GetKahoot quizzing tool, playing for bragging rights #CanvasChat - great as knowledge check or review session + it's fun

      — Sky K. 🏳️‍🌈 (@skyvking) March 4, 2020

      For my #folklore classes, I've asked students to document a tradition related to the week's content, then projected/shared during class. (I used Wharton's Idea Machine for this, but it could also be done in a Canvas Discussion.) #CanvasChat

      — Linda J. Lee (@lindajeanlee) March 4, 2020

      If you’ve ever needed a half hour to positively fly by and leave you both breathless and a little bit smarter, come hang out with us for our next lightning fast PD (#CanvasChat.)

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