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      2020 “Note to Self” Student Scholarship Contest Is Now Open!

      At Canvas, we don’t just support students with amazing software. We also support them with scholarships! Last year, the three awesome winners of our student scholarship video contest walked away with solid contributions to their college 529 plans. 

      Here are a few of the videos we've received (and loved) so far:

      This year, we’re asking students to create a 30–60-second video message to their younger selves about important lesson(s) learned and how Canvas has supported their journeys. We’re also giving teachers a chance to create a video advocating for a deserving student in need.

      What’s In It for Students?

      $25,000 in scholarships! Here’s a breakdown of this year’s scholarships:

      - Teacher-Nominated Winner: $7,500

      - Self-Submitted Student Winner: $7,500

      - Teacher-Nominated Honorary Mention: $5,000

      - Self-Submitted Student Honorary Mention: $5,000

      Instructions & Rules

      Students Age 13+: You’re invited to create a 30–60-second video answering: "What would you tell your younger self about the most important lesson(s) you’ve learned so far? And how has Canvas supported you in your journey?"

      Teachers of Students Age 13+: You’re invited to create a 30–60-second video answering: "How has your student demonstrated learning an important life lesson or academic lesson? And how has Canvas been a part of that?"

      To Submit Your Video

      1. Post it publicly to Twitter OR Instagram (NOT both, pretty please and thank you).

      2. Tag @CanvasLMS

      3. Use the hashtag #CanvasNoteToSelf

      All entries must be submitted by June 30, 2020.

      Specifically, 11:59 p.m. MDT on June 30, 2020 (or once 500 submissions are received, whichever happens first).

      What Happens Next?

      • The Canvas team will review all submissions and select scholarship winners based on their videos’ content and vision.
      • Awards will be granted for first-place winners and honorary mentions in both the student-submitted and the teacher-submitted category. Winners may only win in one category.
      • The Canvas team will repost select videos online.
      • The Canvas team will inform the winners on July 31 and arrange a livestream recognition event.
      • Winners must have a 529 college savings plan or set one up within two weeks of winning so we can deposit their scholarship funds into this account.

      For official rules, please click here.