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      Intentionality Is Key to Student Success—and the Reason Behind TutorMe’s Integration With Canvas

      One of the five leading trends found in The State of Student Success and Engagement report is that online learning needs to be intentionally designed. The authors write that “Creating meaningful, interactive experiences between faculty and students will be critical to continued student engagement. Institutions that work to improve faculty proficiency in online teaching will be better positioned to help students succeed.”

      TutorMe had exactly this in mind when we planned the integration with Canvas Learning Management System.

      What is TutorMe?

      TutorMe provides an online, on-demand tutoring platform with personalized 24/7 services, the highest quality tutors, and proven pedagogy that empowers all learners to achieve academic success and enables schools to extend support to all their students for improved outcomes. Our advanced lesson space is an online classroom providing the closest experience there is to in-person tutoring, creating the sort of interactive experience students need to learn and retain even the most challenging material. We use proven pedagogy to empower every learner from kindergarten to graduate level to achieve their academic goals no matter where they go to school, what resources their parents have, or—critically in this time of distance learning—where they choose to do their work. 

      Where Does TutorMe Come Into Play with Canvas LMS?

      Since November 2019, TutorMe has partnered with Canvas to seamlessly integrate our platform with Canvas’ Learning Management System (LMS). This integration allows students to access TutorMe from Canvas via a single sign-on embedded directly into the class that the student is taking. Not only is their learning in one place with Canvas LMS, but they can also access supplemental instruction to foster the interactive experiences they need to succeed in this season of uncertainty.

      We are diligently working with school and district administrators to ensure this integration is utilized in order to support as many faculty and students as we can. In fact, the majority of our 200+ partners are already using the integration between Canvas LMS and TutorMe. The goal with our online tutoring services is to level the academic playing field by providing an engaging and powerful tool in a super simple, easy-to-follow way.

      Integrating TutorMe into Canvas LMS

      Once you partner with TutorMe, connecting our online tutoring services with your Canvas LMS only takes a few steps—and most of them are simply clicking and copy/pasting. To get technical, this integration happens through an interoperability standard called Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), but in Canvas terms, TutorMe is an external app. For our partners, we create a simple guide for you to follow that clearly outlines the simple steps to successfully integrate our online tutoring services with your Canvas LMS. Our goal is trouble-free integration to ensure immediate positive experiences for both your faculty and students.

      For more information about TutorMe, or for help in connecting TutorMe with your Canvas LMS, please reach out to

      P.S. If you’ve already used this integration, don’t hesitate to reach out with your success stories and your experiences—we love hearing from you!