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      6 Strategies for Enhancing Online Learning With Canvas

      Learn how to gamify assessments, customize videos, and optimize course content to increase student engagement.



      The COVID pandemic has disrupted nearly every facet of our lives: health, politics, the economy, and the way most of us learn. Many in online learning hoped we would be at the forefront of the “bright side” of this historical moment. For many reasons, some in our influence and many outside of it, that hope was rarely realized. However, with a strong belief that necessity is the mother of ingenuity, we will discuss six simple, powerful, and proven strategies and tools the COVID pandemic has precipitated; to develop community and cultivate resilient learning in your online spaces. All tools and strategies presented seamlessly integrate into the Canvas LMS. It’s time that we created virtual classrooms immune to student disengagement and dedicated to relevant interaction.

      In this session you will learn how to: gamify assessments for increased student persistence, stylize videos about your course content that students look forward to watching, optimize course content for students with limited access to wifi and mobile forward usage, deploy presentations to promote organic student engagement, and leverage messaging tools to develop a community that fosters collaboration and discussion with students.