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      Google for Education: Attend the Google Cloud Government and Education Summit

      Another successful InstructureCon is in the books! While you were there, we hope you were able to join our session, “Google and Canvas: What’s New with Google Workspace for Education” and walked away with a better understanding of our partnership with Canvas and new secure collaboration features. We’re very excited to help you learn even more and hear from peers at the Google Cloud Government and Education Summit on November 3-4.

      Google and Canvas, Working Together for Educators

      We shared a lot of information with InstructureCon attendees about our partnership with Canvas–like the value it brings to educators seeking out tools for sharing templates and  worksheets with students. Hopefully you took away some information about the ability to use Assignments within Google Workspace and Canvas to add rich feedback faster, using the customizable comment bank. And then there’s Originality reports, which uses the power of Google Search to help students integrate external inspiration into their writing, while making it easy for instructors to check for potential plagiarism. If you’d like to learn more about what Google and Canvas have to offer, you can watch our InstructureCon session here

      Register for the 2021 Google Cloud Government and Education Summit

      During the pandemic, we’ve seen all levels of government and education leverage cloud technology to meet various challenges with fervor and determination–using Google Workspace and Google Cloud solutions. We can’t wait to bring these stories to you at the Google Cloud Government and Education Summit on November 3-4. 

      Below are some sessions you might be interested in. Plus, you’ll be able to ask questions and join hands-on labs and workshops:

      Government & Education Summit Global Keynote: Welcome to the Google Cloud Government & Education Summit. Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud kicks off the Summit to discuss the need for a “transformation cloud” for the public sector and highlight security and compliance advancements for this community. Mike Daniels, Vice President Global Public Sector, will share key announcements and new solutions for government and education.

      Reimagining the Learning Experience: Join this session to hear two different paths for success – from the Council Bluffs, Iowa Community Schools pilot around classroom virtual automation solutions to the work the Michigan Corrections system is doing to reinvent their learning systems.

      The Education Innovation Journey: The education community has faced tough challenges over the last year and a half. Join this session to understand how Georgetown University, Arizona State University and Florida's Bay District Schools are spearheading innovation to modernize service delivery.

      Increasing Student Success with the Power of AI: In this session, leaders from Walden University, Southern New Hampshire, and LearningMate will share how a personalized tutor built with Google Cloud's AI and machine learning capabilities is transforming and enhancing student success.

      Open Doors with Learning Opportunities: In this session we’ll reflect on some of the key trends in digital learning, share the latest opportunities from Google, and give an overview of each of our tracks so you can find your way to the right sessions for you. All three tracks that follow (for non-technical, technical, and technical) will be recorded so you can watch live or on demand

      Learning sessions in 3 tracks: Non-technical, Technical, and Faculty: Sessions include Grow with Google. Cloud Digital Leader, Build a great resume, and more (for non-technical); Build a virtual agent, incorporate security best practices, manage storage, and more (for non-technical); and Cloud curriculum in the classroom, research credits, Cloud certifications, and more (for faculty)

      Google Workspace Office Hours: Connect with experts about Google Workspace and how it is used in government and education. Bring your questions or drop in to hear about what is new. We’ll have multiple team members on hand to meet your needs.

      Once you sign up to attend this complimentary virtual event, you’ll be able to dive into topics including innovative best practices for cloud deployments, how institutions use Google’s AI learning platform to support student success, and applied research strategies.

      Register for the 2021 Google Cloud Government and Education Summit here