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      Uncover the Hidden Costs of a Cheap LMS

      Years after the significant shift higher education saw with the pandemic, colleges and universities are still navigating the transition to remote teaching and learning. Even with enhanced technology and evolved pedagogy, choosing the right learning platform – one that fully supports a connected learning experience – can be challenging. The best learning platforms must have incredible ingenuity to deliver a seamless and intuitive user experience that is sustainable over time. Yet, the most powerful tools are still plagued by being hard to use. 

      Globally, educators and students are expecting technology that feels like an extension of them: offered in their native language, easy to adopt, and even easier to use – especially in tandem with other tech. Unfortunately, as budgets tighten and competition increases, institutions cannot afford the risks of implementing robust migrations to learning platforms that underdeliver. The promise of an all-in-one solution could lead to significant negative impacts on an institution’s brand and budget. 

      At a time when the benefits must outweigh the risks, institutions should be intentional about the ways in which they choose to innovate. Today’s students are not only expecting, but demanding a modern education that meets them where they are. 

      Keeping up with the digital demand of today’s learners will require institutions to be more thoughtful than ever in how they select an LMS. The cheaper option, while convenient in the short term, includes the risk of having to purchase more expensive hardware or support down the road. Whereas making the switch to an LMS that's reliable, scalable, and secure will yield long-term gains for everyone involved. Education technology should evolve with those it serves so educators can focus on what matters most – teaching and learning.

      Uncover the potential hidden costs of a “cheap” LMS with this infographic comparison.