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W hether you're looking to implement your first Learning Management System (LMS) or move from a legacy system, this guide to evaluating different LMSs will support you in your journey towards a simpler and more connected learning experience for your employees. While it's important that you know exactly what you need from an LMS, this is also an opportunity to think laterally, question your processes, and introduce some new ideas or ways of working. A good LMS is a dynamic set of learning and development tools that helps companies deliver employee training and engagement at any scale. With Canvas LMS, employee trainers and learning developers can easily create courses and integrate the systems they need to support employees across the entire organization. That's why it's important to include all stakeholders in the selection process, especially the users—the vast majority of whom will be your LMS users. Ideally, an LMS should be useful, effortless, and designed with employees in mind. This guide is informed by industry best practice, experience, and the wide-ranging needs and priorities of more than 30 million Canvas users worldwide. In this guide 5 Adaptability You shouldn't have to adapt your learning and development to your LMS 10 Communication Boost employee engagement and maximize course satisfaction 11 Analytics & Data An LMS with excellent reporting features gives you actionable information 12 Reliability You must be able to rely on the LMS to work all day, every day 13 Ongoing Support & Service The importance of face-to-face support, networking, and user communities 14 Collaboration Make it easy for users to collaborate and participate in group activities 7 Implementation & Training Tried-and-tested implementation and training ensures a smooth transition 9 True Costs The costs of LMSs can be unclear, but this doesn't have to be the case Whenever you see this icon, you'll see a series of questions intended to help you think about the topic and compile questions for potential LMS Providers. BONUS SECTION How Canvas assists with compliance 8 How to evaluate and select a best-in-class Learning Management System.

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