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2 Best Practices for Adopting Technology To Support Equitable Learning The pandemic and associated classroom closures generated a host of challenges for K-12 leaders. Inequities they had known about for years came into even greater focus, leading communities to come together to ensure all students had access to equitable, viable curriculum and support while learning at home. But as school leaders continue to meet the challenges of the current school year, they must also prepare for the next pivot — with the expectation that learning will fluctuate among fully online, in-person, and a hybrid of the two. These unprecedented circumstances have forced K-12 leaders to rethink how they deliver education. In many cases, they have accessed CARES Act funds to invest in integrated technology tools that promote student growth, fuel teacher collaboration, and personalize learning — both in and out of the classroom. However, acquiring the right integrated technology is just the first step; leaders must also focus on implementation and helping teachers adopt these new tools, which is no easy feat in today's challenging educational environment.

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