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Why Badges? 1 Digital badges: A Working Definition 1 Achievement and Competency Badges Badging's Purpose: Transparency and Trust at Scale History and Evolution 2 Badges + Gamification for Fun Badges + Gamification at Work Badges as Credentials The Mechanics of Badging 4 Badge Authoring Badge Issuance Badge Earning Pathways Public Badge Detail Page What's in it for You? 5 A Focus on Student Success Tracking Earning Pathways Portable Assessment Results Normalization of Assessment Criteria Career Readiness Institutional Branding How Do Badges Circulate? 7 Examples of Digital Badging Initiatives in Education 7 Southern California's Del Lago Academy Lewis & Clark College 5 Areas Canvas Credentials Prepares Students for Success 9 Badging Best Practices: What Works and What Doesn't 10 Endnotes 11 Table of Contents

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