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      The Instructure Learning Platform Brings Higher Education to Everyone

      Here at Instructure, we are committed to constantly evaluating how we view education and ensuring we are supporting all educators and all students everywhere.

      The Stereotypical Higher Education: One-Size Fits All

      Typically, when one thinks of higher education, there could be some stereotypes that craft our image of who a college student is or who education is for. Those stereotypes say higher education is for the young, those with the means to afford it, those not working a 9-5 job, or those who can commute into a local campus. 

      And the list goes on. 

      All building on this misconception that education has to be one-size-fits all.

      We couldn’t disagree more. 

      For years, there have been many barriers to education like cost, lack of access to technology, rigid course schedules, and tools that only work for the young, neurotypical, and able-bodied.

      And with every product we create and optimize, we aim to tear those barriers down. 

      The Instructure Learning Platform: Education for All

      We believe that education should be just as accessible and unique to every person. And each students’ educational journey should continue for as long as they want. Education for the people, by the people.

      Through each of our product suites for higher education, Canvas by Instructure, and Impact by Instructure, we have been guided by meeting every learner where they are to set them up for success. 

      Because it shouldn’t matter where you choose to learn or what your path to education was –education is for everyone.

      And where there’s equitable education for all, there’s power.

      The Instructure Learning Platform embodies this principle daily.  

      Watch our latest video: Education for All: Discover the Power of the Instructure Learning Platform.