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      Session Spotlight: Find Out How Your Instructors Are *Really* Using Canvas

      Having course materials and class technologies collected in one place makes life easier for both instructors and students. Canvas is the perfect hub for delivering resources to our students. In my roles at Virginia Tech, this consolidation has made handling the extraordinary challenges that COVID-19 has created easier than they might otherwise have been. As more instructors adopt Canvas, my colleagues can focus our attention on providing more and better support for our Canvas community. It's also allowed us to leverage the data Canvas provides us to make more informed decisions about how we can help instructors adopt the tools that software engineering provides. 

      Most LMS analytics are focused on what students are doing in the system: accessing course resources, quizzes, grades, and the like. However, as far as we know, there aren't any tools that can show how Canvas is being used at the institutional level by instructors. In our presentation, we'll introduce a metric we call "depth of use" that can characterize how instructors are using Canvas by looking at how various Canvas features are used. We'll talk about what goes into this metric, as well as how we used it to both direct our limited support resources and help our senior leadership make decisions about how to approach the challenges that COVID-19 posed.

      We hope there will be three outcomes from our session:

      1. Attendees will be able to think about ways they can use the data they have to expand the adoption of Canvas at their institutions.

      2. Attendees will be able to see how these measures can be another step on the path to improving student outcomes. 

      3. Finally, we'd love to find other Canvas schools that might be willing to partner with us to improve the metric. 

      This will be my sixth InstructureCon/CanvasCon. I look forward to renewing acquaintances and hearing about the new interesting things schools are doing to extend Canvas. Every year I find things schools are doing that I want to bring back to Virginia Tech, or that influence the direction of our current initiatives. And although the event will be different, I’m sure the result will be the same. 


      Browse the CanvasCon Online agenda for this and many other must-watch sessions, and (if you haven't yet) register to attend!

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