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Canvas Customer Spotlights

Dear Canvas Family,
I have been amazed at the many educators who have done exceptional things during the past few months. We realize it hasn’t been easy, but we have been impressed and are honored to have played a part in helping you.

Throughout the pandemic, I have heard inspiring stories from institutions that have done great things for educators and students. Below you will find just a few that I wanted to highlight (I realize there are thousands of examples that I could have highlighted here):

  • East Central Community College set up external wifi stations in parking lots around campus to provide reliable and consistent places for students to continue learning.
  • Canyon School District brought on all of their K-4 users in less than one week by using Blueprint Courses in Canvas.
  • The Virginia Community College System collaborated with several colleges in their system to provide best practices for the online learning experience as well as course templates to promote great instructional experiences for students.

Like I said, there are thousands of these stories. With the impressive things we have seen and heard, we decided to kick off a campaign to showcase YOU. Today, I am proud to announce our Customer Showcase Program, where we are highlighting you and your school’s work.

To best highlight your work, we have partnered with a new app called StoryMedia, which will allow you to tell your Canvas Story in a fun and engaging way where we are opening up Canvas brand assets for you to use. See below for a video explaining the program and opportunity:

After you watch the video, please share the inspiration by recording your own video on your phone, highlighting what you and your school have done with Canvas to help the education process move forward. After you do that, download the StoryMedia App, click “Create a Video,” and the process will make sense from there.
Download StoryMedia for Apple or Android

Once you are done, share your video with us and on social media – make sure you use #CanvasLMS. For those who enter in the next couple of weeks, we will be giving away prizes for our 20 favorites. We are also excited to highlight some of these stories at CanvasCon Online in October.

Thanks for inspiring us and for being part of our education family.

Keep Learning,