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      Ateneo de Manila University

      Upgrading to the premium version of Canvas had three main benefits for the Ateneo team. Read this case study to learn how Ateneo de Manila University went from From “Free” to Flourishing With Canvas

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      Ateneo de Manila University

      [A Canvas Case Study: Higher Education]

      The higher education landscape is more complex than ever, requiring institutions  to  acquire  systems  that  can  support  mobile,  online,  and  blended  learning,  a  personalized  student  experience,  a  technology-driven   and   data-friendly   culture,   and   a   scalable   and   secure   infrastructure—to name a few needs. At Ateneo de Manila University, it had  become  common  practice  for  faculty  to  acquire  many  different  tools  to  meet  these  needs,  many  of  them  relying  on  free  versions  of  tools  that  resisted meaningful  adoption  and  couldn't  sustain  LTI  integrations for a more connected learning experience. Learn why the Ateneo team upgraded to Canvas LMS to expand online learning and support its teaching and learning community.

      Upgrading to the premium version of Canvas had three main benefits

      #2 Teacher Collaboration

      Having access to a Canvas implementation specialist every step of the way enabled the Ateneo team to create guided training paths for faculty to follow.

      #1 Implementation Support

      The teacher teams that were formed throughout the adoption process enabled Ateneo to effciently expand asynchronous learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

      Student Engagement

      Discussions were used to create more opportunities for
      interaction, and Modules organized content into intuitive paths for
      students to follow

      Canvas LMS has provided the Ateneo team with a chance to design the learning experience they want to deliver without compromising reliability, scalability, and support as they plan for the future of higher education. Request a Canvas Demo here: