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      The Top 5 Higher Education Sessions from InstructureCon 2021

      Our annual customer-led conference for educators and edtech users drew over 10,000 attendees. Here are some of their most-loved higher education sessions.

      Deep Personalization In & Around Canvas: What Happens When Teachers Use Data Well

      What if teachers could gather the right data, at the right time, from the right people, and combine this with their pedagogical prowess? What kinds of personalized student learning support and feedback could they unleash? 

      Find out how Canvas works hand-in-hand with a homegrown but widely-available learning analytics platform that puts teachers in the driver's seat to build stronger relationships with students and enhance engagement, all while saving time and caring for students at scale.


      Getting From Here to There: Data to Insights to Action

      Let’s face it, data can be daunting. But if you’re looking for new methods and processes for making your data more actionable, you’ve come to the right place! In this session, John Weiss, Kathy Mirzaei, and Kimberly Hayworth share their Canvas data journey: from wrangling mountains of data, to co-creating research questions with stakeholders, to developing actionable reports and dashboards. In this session, they’ll show you their tried-and-true practices for: 

      • Getting the most out of your data
      • Building tools that invite iteration and co-building
      • Scaling your solutions to support higher education

      Watch the session to learn helpful tips for using data to solve problems and creating a culture of collaboration to build and share helpful resources in your campus community.


      New Quizzes: Lessons Learned from a Year of Being "All-In"

      Curious about using New Quizzes at your institution? Learn from Rebecca Moulder, Senior Instructional Design Project Leader, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, as she shares her experience of using New Quizzes as the default assessment tool. In this session, you’ll learn:

      • Key takeaways from a year of using New Quizzes 
      • Ingredients for a successful transition 
      • Use cases and favorite features that support teaching & learning

      Watch the session to explore an institution’s New Quizzes journey and get helpful tips for leading your own implementation.


      The Power of Video Discussions

      It’s safe to say we’ve all missed the sense of collaboration that in-person discussions bring. However, Mark White, Director of Instructional Design & Technology at the College of St. Mary has found a way to take virtual discussions to the next level by leveraging video. In this session, you’ll explore:

      • The advantages and drawbacks of in-person discussions
      • Best practices for leading meaningful discussions online 
      • Lessons learned from Dr. White’s video discussion experiment 

      Watch the session to learn how you can build community, engage students, and foster connection by harnessing the power of video discussions.


      Canvas Discussions: Infuse Reflective Writing and Boost Social Presence in Your Course

      Most students are already used to posting their thoughts online anytime, anywhere. Wouldn’t it be great if they could contribute to Canvas Discussions in the same way? In this session, Brianna Stines, Learning Designer at The University of Notre Dame shares her experience of bringing reflective writing online to:

      • Create positive learning outcomes through reflection
      • Instill a sense of accountability in students with ‘low-stakes’ writing assignments
      • Yield valuable insights on student-identified areas of struggle to guide instruction

      Watch the session to learn how you can establish relationships with students by providing opportunities for collaborative work and respectful discourse using Canvas.


      If you missed InstructureCon 2021, or you just miss InstructureCon, browse and explore the sessions here.