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Tableau Brings Ready-Made Data Literacy Course to Canvas

Making sense of data is essential for everyone to participate in and contribute to a digital world. Organizations are increasingly becoming data-driven—requiring employees at all levels and roles to be data literate. As a result, academic institutions are being asked to help bridge the gap and prepare students with these capabilities to successfully enter the workforce and continue their lives as citizens.

As the market-leading choice for modern business intelligence, Tableau’s mission is to “help people see and understand data.” Our analytics platform makes it easier for people to explore and manage data, and faster to discover and share impactful insights that can change organizations and the world. Born out of a dissertation, it only made sense that we’d share our software with educators.

The mission of the Tableau Academic Team is to create a data-literate world and support the next generation of data leaders. Recognizing the challenge of developing a new curriculum, we created foundational courses to help instructors bring data literacy to their classrooms. To make it even easier for instructors to use our content, we are beginning to offer our courses in 'Canvas ready' format.

What is Tableau’s Academic Programs offering? 

The Tableau Academic Programs provide free software licenses and learning resources for instructors and students at academic institutions. We have enabled more than 1.7 million students and teachers from accredited institutions worldwide with critical data skills. As data literacy increases in importance, learning analytics with Tableau will help students stand out professionally, driving faster insights and informed decisions in their work. 

Data Literacy One covers foundational data skills in 10 ready-made course modules focusing on: data collection and structure, field and variable types, statistical thinking, correlation and regression, and visualizing data. Each module comes complete with lectures, readings, assignments, quizzes and tests, and interactive guided activities, as well as prescriptive instructor notes. We also have a full suite of other robust courses and a Healthcare Analytics curriculum that we plan to offer as Canvas export packages soon.

Data Literacy One build in Canvas by Tableau

See Our Data Literacy Course Curriculum in Canvas

Sue Kraemer, Curriculum Development Manager at Tableau, demonstrates how easy it is to teach Data Literacy at your school. If you missed the session, you can still watch and learn about how to Bring Data Literacy to Your Classroom.

How to Use the Data Literacy Course in Canvas 

The materials are available as a Canvas course export package, so instructors can easily access and use the Data Literacy One for Canvas course material with just a few clicks. When you join the Tableau for Teaching program, you can access the Canvas Course Export package and our full suite of content. Follow these steps to get started:

Want to learn more about Tableau for Teaching? We are always seeking new ways to support instructors, institutions, and students. We’d love to hear from you at  

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