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      Session Spotlight: I'm a Google Girl in a Canvas World

      Teachers are often fearful of new technology because they believe it's a "do-over" rather than a continuation. “What new thing around the corner will undo all of my previous work?” As instructional designers, we work to calm those fears by illustrating how Canvas is constantly evolving to incorporate technology that teachers are already familiar with—Google Apps, for example. When working with apprehensive teachers, we remind them to approach their adoption of any new technology in bite-sized chunks and to focus on the instruction instead of the tool.  

      As we embark on a virtual experience for the fall semester, many teachers are using Canvas for the first time and are worried they'll need to recreate all of the instructional materials they previously created using Google Apps. Our CanvasCon Online presentation, "I'm a Google Girl in a Canvas World," will address how teachers can quickly and easily utilize Google Apps in their Canvas courses. Ever hear the phrase “There's more than one way to skin a cat?” Well, there are many different ways to create and incorporate Google Apps into your Canvas course. 

      Our goal is to illustrate for teachers that they don’t have to recreate the wheel—their Google Apps creations can seamlessly integrate with the Canvas LMS. Attendees will take away ideas, tips and tricks, and directions for creating the perfect integration of Google Apps and Canvas. Their students will be amazed.

      I (Jennifer) attended InstructureCon 2018 (aka InstructureCarn) in Colorado, as a Canvas newbie. I left the conference feeling so energized about the new platform our school had just purchased. I loved the collaboration and the time for idea-sharing the conference provided. InstructureCarn created so much excitement for me that I needed to return. I recruited Kristine to collaborate on a Canvas-Google presentation to illustrate how effectively Google can be used in Canvas, in hopes of being selected to present in Nashville at InstructureCon 2020. 

      While it turns out we'll only be in Nashville in our minds this year, we're just as excited to present at CanvasCon Online! It's time for Chesterfield to share how Canvas and Google became a perfect match. Come learn about some quick and tested ways to incorporate your Google creations!