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      Safeguard Partners With Canvas to Provide Classrooms With Free Hygiene Education and Products

      With the rise of COVID-19 cases, handwashing is more important than ever, as it’s one of the first defenses against germs and bacteria. The CDC has advised that handwashing and proper hand hygiene is one of the most important ways to prevent the spread of the virus.

      To teach proper handwashing, Procter & Gamble's Safeguard soap brand has teamed up with Canvas for a first-of-a-kind partnership to provide schools nationwide with education and product resources that help teach elementary students proper handwashing habits in line with CDC guidelines.

      Through a series of four lesson plans (in subjects of math, science, reading, and writing), a bilingual (English/Spanish) digital activity book, and three videos, kids get a glimpse into what germs are and learn how and why we wash our hands. The curriculum was co-created with elementary school teachers and Sourcebooks to ensure the content is both engaging and effective for students.

      "As a first-grade teacher, I know that learning takes repetition and the earlier we can teach students proper handwashing techniques, the more likely children will adopt good hand hygiene as everyday habits,” said Fernanda Sandoval, first-grade teacher and founder of One Happy Classroom.

      To amplify the program, Safeguard has relaunched their #SafeguardSplash social media challenge. It’s a crucial reminder, across generations, of the importance of washing hands properly—and often—to safeguard loved ones.

      This initiative follows Safeguard’s recent $10 million donation in product and education resources through organizations including Save the Children, Feeding America, and Americares.

      Not only has the brand promoted handwashing habits among kids and provided underserved communities with free hygiene products, but it's also worked to ensure front-line workers are equipped with the hand sanitizer they need to continue working safely and to stay healthy during COVID-19.

      With a few simple reminders, you can help keep your kids and your family healthy year round.

      #1 Remember to wash your hands frequently, especially:

      • Before eating
      • After playing
      • After sneezing or coughing
      • After handling pets
      • After using the bathroom

      #2 Wash your hands properly with these five steps:

      1. Wet hands under clean running water.
      2. Use Safeguard soap to create lather on hands.
      3. Scrub hands for at least 20 seconds (rub palms together, scrub the back of hands, between the fingers and under the fingernails).
      4. Rinse hands with clean water.
      5. Completely dry hands with a clean towel.

      #3 Make handwashing fun.

      Sing your favorite tune as you wash. Do the #SafeguardSplash.

      Download the curriculum from Canvas

      Learn more about Safeguard