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      Instructure Earns IMS TrustEd Apps Seal

      As a privacy advocate, it is my personal mission to help Instructure hold itself to the highest privacy standards. It's with this mission in mind that I'm proud to announce Instructure’s newest data privacy certification: The IMS TrustEd Apps Seal.

      The IMS TrustEd Apps Seal certifies that Instructure has been vetted by and satisfactorily completes the TrustEd Apps vetting process and rubric in regards to its use of student data, specifically:

      • Data collection
      • Security
      • Third-party data sharing
      • Advertising

      We’re proud to be among the first 27 organizations to receive this certification, as this vetting process relieves institutions from the responsibility of resolving data privacy issues with industry vendors.

      “TrustEd Apps gives institutional leaders one less thing to worry about when trying to support the needs of teachers, students, and parents in terms of data privacy,” said Dr. Rob Abel, CEO, IMS Global Learning Consortium. “The IMS community of 575 leading edtech market stakeholder organizations has established a new foundation for clarity about data usage and privacy. It is published and maintained as an open standard, allowing us to work together to achieve data privacy improvements in educational technology.”

      I consider our partnership with IMS to be instrumental in upholding our guiding privacy principles as we strive to protect student data and support learning institutions in using data to make informed decisions that drive the learning process forward.

      To learn more about our privacy policies, our current and future commitment to privacy, and our responsible use of data to support teaching and learning, I invite you to visit our privacy website.

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