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      A Team-Centered Approach to Rapid Adoption


      Temple University Before Canvas LMS

      Temple University (Philadelphia, PA) is one of the nation’s largest providers of professional education and a leader in online bachelor programs.

      Temple had used its previous LMS, Blackboard, since 1999. Technology is embedded into nearly every course at the university, and administrators say the platform was not keeping pace with students’ and teachers’ ambitions for deeper learning.

      “So they had to chase the technology to become better, instead of the technology chasing them. If you don’t challenge yourself every day, you’re not going to get better. You won’t see gains,” said Matt Palladinetti, Temple’s director of instructional systems.

      How Temple University Chose Canvas LMS

      In the fall of 2017, the university’s information technology services department formed an LMS selection committee and launched a university-wide pilot. Focus groups and surveys showed consistently positive feedback about several features of Canvas, including better navigation, ease of use, and access to mobile applications.

      Soon after the pilot was complete, the committee unanimously recommended the switch to Canvas.

      “It really felt like an all-encompassing campus project, and there was complete buy-in to move forward with Canvas. It was amazing to see.”

      —Cindy Leavitt, Vice President and Chief Information Officer

      Developing a Team-Centered Approach to LMS Adoption

      24/7 Tier 1 Support from Instructure has reduced IT Canvas calls by 59% in the fiscal year of 2019 (July 1-June 30).

      Administrators say they will pursue more personalized approaches with student learning to improve outcomes. Their objective is to do more with their new LMS, while providing a consistent experience across courses. “I think in terms of leveling up, Canvas has been a great resource in that sense. It just really helps with furthering my education,” said Hailey McCormack, a student at Temple.

      To see Temple University’s adoption timeline and how quickly professors were able to use Canvas LMS in their courses, check out the case study below:

      temple university case study image