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      Wooclap Launches Canvas Integration

      Wooclap, the interactive tool that turns smartphones from distractions into engagement-boosters, is thrilled to integrate with Canvas, one of the world’s most popular learning management systems.

      Thanks to this integration, teachers can create and access Wooclap quizzes from within Canvas, thereby making it easier to prepare their lectures. Both platforms hope to facilitate the process of designing courses for the millions of Canvas and Wooclap users worldwide.

      "It made sense for us to work together with the Canvas team. They are passionate about making the learning process simple yet effective, as are we. It’s a great collaboration," said Wooclap CEO Sébastien Lebbe.

      Working together on this integration, Wooclap and Canvas address the issue of the increasing number of tools teachers are expected to use on a daily basis. By synchronizing data between the two platforms—such as quizzes and student results—teachers gain a better overview and easier access to the relevant information. Educators can now export a list of questions from Canvas to Wooclap and vice versa, and thanks to single sign-on (SSO), there's no need to create new accounts.

      "We’re pleased that Wooclap contributes to the Canvas mission of helping teachers innovate and students succeed by making their interactive tool available within our open, extensible learning ecosystem," said Instructure VP of Partnerships Tara Gunther.

      The integration is available to all users, particularly those in higher education, who want to make learning awesome. While Wooclap uses smartphones to improve learning during lectures, Canvas streamlines digital tools and content to connect teachers and students outside the classroom. Both companies have already partnered up with many universities and colleges to provide a better learning experience to all students.

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