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      Why Badges? Why Pathways? Why Now?

      The basics of badging are well established. Digital badges capture knowledge, skills, competencies, and experience in portable, shareable, machine readable digital data objects. Badges are easy to develop, they can be awarded in many different ways (Canvas module completion, QR code, CSV upload, etc.), and they can contain an almost unlimited amount of data. That data can include evidence of mastery, skills and standards alignment, and conduits to more information. 

      There are much bigger questions you must answer before you start badging: 

      Why would we ever do such a thing? When will we award badges, and for what? How will we use the skills and competencies-aligned data generated by a badging system? Why should our students care about badges? How will they use them to connect to opportunities in the educational system and the labor market? 

      How can you badge better by tracking skills and competencies along digital pathways that can span courses, programs, and organizations? How can pathways shared in your Canvas LMS courses show your students what skills they’ve acquired, what they’ve yet to complete, and where their learning journey is taking them?

      And why should you start badging now? What essential data are you missing out on, in the absence of a robust badging program? What drivers in our skills-aligned, competency-based labor market create an urgent need for your students to carry digital recognition of their achievements and experience?

      We’ll answer all these questions and more in Badgr’s “Why badges? Why pathways? Why now?” presentation. You’ll get actionable insights from Sheryl Grant, Ph.D., Badgr’s Director of  Digital Credentialing Strategies. 

      Sheryl is a pioneer in the digital badging space. Her research at HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory), UNC-Chapel Hill, and Duke University supports her deep understanding of teaching and learning and digital badging program design. Research-based answers to the big badging questions. Sheryl offers research-based answers to the big badging questions.

      In the meantime, you can see Badgr Pathways in action in the InstructureCon 2021 Swag Pathway. Grab badges by viewing the Keynotes, visiting partner booths, networking with other attendees, and attending breakout sessions. Those badges will complete all the required elements of the Swag Pathway. Then, at the end of that Pathway, you’ll be awarded a Swag Badge that entitles you to … swag! 

      Join Badgr for “Why badges? Why Pathways? Why now? on Thursday, October 7th 2021 AT 3:00PM mountain time.