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      Unintegrated Systems Cost More Than You Think

      In design and education, few things are as beautiful to us at Canvas as simplicity. We built our learning management system (LMS) to make teaching and learning easier, but also make that process more open, flexible, and collaborative. 

      Sometimes it’s tricky to cut through all of the clutter and find a solution. To illustrate, a new data interoperability study shows that most school districts use more than 26 edtech software tools/products and fewer than half of them talk to each other. More tech is not always better. Unintegrated systems in a K-12 school district cost 15 hours of work every day to try to manage. Technologists know the right digital tools make your work and streamlining your systems manageable.

      Research also shows that most districts’ tech budgets are increasing. No matter your budget, consider these points to make your dollar work harder and smarter:

      1. Integration is key.

      Resources that are not used or not connected immediately waste time and money. Systems that play well together make it easy for instructors, students, and parents to use them - especially when it includes a single sign-on feature.

      2. The digital classroom is not going away.

      A 2016 survey revealed that districts say at least half of their curriculum will be digital in the next three years. 

      3. Open, equitable access is possible.

      Canvas first started advocating for the IMS LTI standard in 2011. We built the Edu App Center where any teacher can find apps to add to any LMS, not just Canvas. We have served as a driving force behind the creation of new standards.

      4. An LMS brings it all together.

      Your institution should get to choose the edtech tools that serve your needs best. The right LMS can help teachers personalize learning, students organize their work, and administrators get the data they need to make informed decisions. Vendors who don’t support robust standards-based integrations with the tools you choose make our lives unnecessarily harder.

      See why Canvas is continuing its mission of Rallying for Openness to ensure that we have time for something even more important that a budget—our students. Click on the button below to see what Canvas’ simplicity can do for you. 

      Keep learning,

      Hilary Scharton
      VP of K-12 Product Strategy, Instructure

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