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uConnect brings your Career Services Center into Canvas


According to a recent survey of 32,000 U.S. undergraduate students, 86% said that getting a job was a primary factor in their decision to enroll in college. Today, students expect both academic and career outcomes from their college journey and the pressure is on our higher education system to ensure that students are meaningfully engaged in career planning and exploration throughout their journey, so they are better prepared to launch or advance their careers upon completion.

While investment in career resources, services and programs has increased in recent years, nearly half of students graduate without ever having used their career center or its online resources. Unfortunately, this leads to many students lacking confidence that they will be successful in the workforce / job market and creates a disconnect between their academic journey and the career advancement and social mobility so many students today expect.

In comes uConnect. uConnect believes that meaningful engagement with career planning resources could have a transformation impact on a student’s journey. The uConnect platform helps schools unlock the valuable career resources, data and information they offer and embed them into the campus culture and daily student experience. The technology combines dynamic integrations with campus career resources with content management and modern marketing to integrate them into career planning into enrollment, student life and even alumni relations.

While engagement with career resources increased for almost every new customer that implemented uConnect, there was one common request that client always asked about to drive even deeper engagement, “Could you integrate the dynamic career planning experience uConnect offers into our Canvas LMS?”

Today, we come bearing gifts. It’s now possible to leverage the uConnect Platform to integrate career resources and information from your career center with all the classroom and curricular resources you have in Canvas. Students looking for an internship? They have recommendations in Canvas. Want to get your resume reviewed? There’s a career resource library in Canvas now. How about connecting with a mentor? There’s a list of those in Canvas now too.

uConnect’s proprietary integrations with tools like your campus job board, industry guides, labor market data and even mentor networks means that Canvas could serve as your one stop shopping experience, not only for academic courses but for career resources. It also means:

  • Earlier and more frequent student engagement with career resources
  • A much easier process for faculty, staff and other Canvas admins to support student pathways
  • Stronger partnerships between career development and academic affairs.
  • A deeper connection between a student’s career and academic pathways

For more information about how the career services technology ecosystem has evolved, check out our eBook entitled “Career Services Tech Stack” which you can download here. To learn more about uConnect, visit our website. And, to learn more about how you can integrate your career services into Canvas, email us at [email protected].

Keep learning,

David Kozhuk

Founder and CEO, uConnect