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      The Top 5 K–12 Sessions From CanvasCon Online

      Our annual customer-led conference for educators and edtech users drew over 20,000 attendees. Here are some of their most-loved K–12 sessions.

      The K–12 Keynote

      In his keynote address, Trenton Goble, Instructure's VP of K–12 Strategy acknowledged the stress and anxiety that K–12 educators have been feeling this year. To help teachers tune out the noise and focus on making learning personal for their students, he offers this simple advice: Answer the fundamental five.

      The fear of "the unknown" can cause students to stall out. Answering these five basic questions for students can help them feel safe to learn and make mistakes in an unfamiliar, remote learning environment:

      1. What am I supposed to do?
      2. When is it due?
      3. How did I do?
      4. Can you help me?
      5. What more can I do?

      Watch Trenton's short-and-sweet keynote session to nab a few more tips that will help you alleviate stress and simplify the use of edtech in your K–12 classroom.

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      Integrate Your Apps With Canvas LMS as Your Hub

      Brandon Risenhoover, Upper School Social Studies Instructor at Trinity Valley School, provides easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction for integrating an edu app into Canvas. But first, he presents the case for doing so. 

      Why integrate apps using Canvas as your hub?

      • Making Canvas your learning hub improves everyone's lives by making high-quality information easy to find and reducing logins.
      • Integrating your apps in Canvas allows for automatic Gradebook updating and across-the-board SpeedGrader use on assignments you create with these apps.
      • A single, integrated hub can streamline teachers' workflows and reduce human error.
      • It's great for distance learning, as it helps you get the most out of the most-engaging apps from within Canvas.

      Watch Brandon's session for the full how-to, troubleshooting tips, and contact info for questions and idea-sharing.

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      We Are Google Girls, In a Canvas World

      Kristen Vester and Jennifer Ward, Instructional Designers at Chesterfield County School, explain how their county moved from Google Classroom to Canvas LMS—without losing any of their beloved Google content or functionality. A few of the things they love to do with Google in Canvas:

      • Easily embed a Google Slide in a Canvas course with the Canvas rich content editor and use it to present parents and students with real-time schedule updates and daily to-do lists. 
      • Provide access-controlled Google docs as copyable, editable templates for teachers and content for students. 
      • Use Google Sheets for innovative color-by-number math assignments.
      • Use Google Forms for everything from exit tickets and temperature checks to digital breakout activities to branched Form assessments.
      • Use Google Draw to make the navigation in Canvas courses more visual and fun for little learners.
      • Use Google Meets within a course's rich content editor to quickly discuss assignments with students.

      And with the latest Google Assignments and Canvas integration, even more is possible. 

      Watch the session to learn more about how you can use Google apps and Bitmoji classrooms in Canvas, access readymade templates courtesy of Chesterfield County Schools, and continue the conversation with Kristen and Jennifer.

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      Escape the Room With MasteryPaths

      Amanda Hoagland, Supervisor of Learning for Carmel Clay Schools in Indiana, has been thinking a lot about how to combine scenario-based learning strategies with the magic of Canvas tools. In her session, she uses MasteryPaths to create a digital escape room to teach middle school students about online privacy and security. She also fleshes out the phases of creating a successful scenario-based learning experience:

      • Pre-planning
      • Design
      • Live demo

      Watch Amanda's session to join her on a digital citizenship adventure and walk through the process of creating a similarly engaging experience for learners of any age.

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      Craving Canvas: Taking the Leap to Launch Canvas in Primary Classrooms

      According to Anastasia Luc, a second-grade teacher for Pike Township in Indianapolis, some folks think younger learners aren't capable of using technology in a classroom setting, and this simply isn't true. In fact, she says, it's becoming more and more important for kids to start learning tech use in primary grade levels. We just need to teach them how! Here are a few things to keep in mind:

      • Start slow to go fast.
      • Set reasonable benchmark goals for administrators, teachers, and students.
      • Be thoughtful about your home page and navigation.
      • Lean on tech-savvy teachers for PD. 
      • Practice!

      Watch Anastasia's session to see her "home page must-haves" and take away actual, achievable 30-, 60-, and 90-day goals for using an online learning platform in elementary school.

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      If you missed CanvasCon (or you just miss CanvasCon), here's a glimpse of the event: