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The Study Hall

The Partner Playground is Open & Ready for Play

We’ve built Canvas on the foundation of openness from day one. Openness manifests itself in so many different ways within Instructure, and in one huge way when it comes to our Partner Program. As many of you know, we adhere to open standards that make it possible for hundreds of tools to integrate their solutions into Canvas. It’s something we’re pretty proud of, and we have tons of providers joining the Canvas partner program to show off what they’re proud of too.

There are over 250 partners in our program who offer edtech tools (say that five times fast) that allow you to customize and enhance your Canvas experience in their own unique ways. Naturally, we receive a countless number of requests from users wanting to try these tools out in their accounts, and hey, you guessed it—this is exactly how our Partner Playground was born! Each of our partners have been given their own Canvas course, via our MOOC platform Canvas Network, where they can showcase their integration and provide more detail about their solution(s). 

We’re really excited to share this cool, new resource with all of you, and we hope it’ll come in handy as you seek to learn more about all of the innovative solutions out there.

Anyway, we know what you’ll be doing this weekend. Click here to start playing. 

Keep learning,

Kenzi Egan
Strategic Partner Marketing Manager