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The Canvas of the Future: Call for Volunteers!

Canvas’ VP of K-12 Product Strategy, Hilary Scharton, revealed a new “Nudge” LTI tool in Canvas and is asking schools to participate in it to help improve student performance.

Scharton spoke with attendees of Mission: InstructureCon 0017 about how educators could send signals to influence student behavior. She also talked about her product team’s one-week experiment to “nudge” students who had not yet submitted assignments in their Canvas courses. Preliminary results showed that students who opted-in to these nudges started turning in their work at least a day earlier:

Nudge data

That data surprised and intrigued her. In an effort to validate the data, Scharton decided to replicate Project Nudge-another round of experiments that will send students reminders to turn in late or missing graded work. This version will add due date reminders and new opportunities to improve overall grades.