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      The Attendees' Complete Guide to CanvasCon Online

      If you're one of the 30,000+ people who registered for CanvasCon Online, you may want to keep this event guide handy!

      CanvasCon Website

      Visit for information about the speakers, agenda, awards, and partners. After the event, visit the site to view all the keynote and breakout sessions on demand.

      CanvasCon Online Access

      Access the event at (though you won't see much 'til the event kicks off on October 15th!). Log in using the email address you used to register for the event, and select whether you’re K–12 or higher ed to ensure you see the keynotes and live sessions that are relevant to you.

      Tech & Troubleshooting Checklist

      Run through this checklist to ensure you're ready to view the event content, and refer to it for troubleshooting tips during the event.

      Gear Test

      To prep for the live networking portion of CanvasCon Online, run a quick test on your browser, mic, speakers, camera, and internet connection using the Remo Gear Test.

      A Guide to Global Timing

      To accommodate attendees all around the globe, this event will technically kick off three times: first at 10 a.m. in Sydney, then at 10 a.m. in London, and then at 10 a.m. in Salt Lake City. You can use this world clock converter to determine what time each kickoff is for you, and when to show up.

      What to Expect From the Keynote Sessions

      Our keynote speakers include LeVar Burton, Sal Khan, and several Instructure powerhouses. A pop-up will alert you when each keynote is starting, 'cause you definitely don't want to miss them!

      How to Interact in the Partner & Product Hall

      Click "Partner & Product Hall" in the top nav. From there, you can choose to enter the Partner building, the Canvas Products building, or the Live Sessions building. Click on a tile within that building to enter a room. You'll be given an avatar and dropped at a random table. Click on your avatar to edit your profile, and feel free to move around and explore different tables, floors, rooms, and buildings. You can chat via text or mic, present, and/or share your screen with people at your table. For more information, refer to this Remo guide.

      CanvasCon Online Pre-Event Networking

      What to Expect in the Live Sessions

      In the Partner & Product Hall, you'll find the Live Sessions Building. Unlike the free-form demos and conversations happening elsewhere in the Partner & Product Hall, this building will feature live presentations by various Instructure employees and experts. Here's what you can expect in these live sessions.

      What to Expect From the Breakout Sessions

      The breakouts will be available to watch on demand. We have a ton of awesome sessions to choose from, so browse the agenda before the event, filter by user level and topic, and "star" the sessions you want to watch during the 1.5-hour allotted breakout-session window.

      Here's an inside look at some of our recommended educator-led breakout sessions:

      What to Expect in the Partner Building

      In the Partner building, you'll be able to view demos, access content, enter giveaways, and participate in face-to-face Q&As with our awesome partners (some of the many edtech providers who make Canvas the open, extensible, integration-friendly platform teachers and students love). Visiting partners is also a key way to earn badges on the route to free swag! Take a closer look at what some of them have to offer:

      How to Get Swag

      If you've attended an InstructureCon or CanvasCon event, you know about the highly sought-after swag. With so many far-flung attendees, free custom swag is limited this year, so check your inbox for an email from Badgr, which will enroll you in a Badgr Pathway to earn one of these coveted Canvas items (you'll get a code to redeem your swag shortly after the conference). And all is not lost when this swag runs out—you can still buy Canvas goods in the swag shop and/or download free virtual swag (fun safety posters for your classroom or office).

      How to Tweet

      Calling ALL Nebraskans using @CanvasLMS, don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn more about what you can do in Canvas! IT'S THIS THURSDAY & IT'S FREE!

      Register Today at #TheGoodLifeEDU #CanvasCon #remotelearning #remoteteaching

      — ESUCC (@ESUCC) October 9, 2020

      Share your thoughts, impressions, and takeaways using the hashtag #canvascon. We'll feature some of our favorite tweets on the blog!

      Can’t wait to see you there!