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Solving the LMS Migration Headache

If we had to point to the issue that causes most institutions to shy away from upgrading their learning management system, we could answer with just one word: migration. Often time consuming and resource intensive, many institutions find the process of migrating course content from one LMS to another daunting. The solution? Also one word: innovation. Announcing the new partnership between Instructure, creators of Canvas, and K16 Solutions, creators of Scaffold Migration. These two leaders in innovation are coming together to offer new Canvas users the ability to move courses off their old LMS more quickly and accurately than ever before using the Scaffold Migration service. Together, they’re easing the pain institutions have long associated with LMS migration.

Time is Money

K16 Solutions developed Scaffold Migration as a cloud-native platform that integrates with Canvas’ major LMS competitors. While manual methods of moving courses from one LMS to another can take significant resources and often leave behind time-consuming revision work for institutions, an independent and expert instructional designer testing Scaffold Migration experienced a 95.17% reduction in content migration time when using the system. Since faster migration will also mean less expensive migration, the partnership between Instructure and K16 Solutions is all-around great news for education.

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An Exciting Partnership

In commenting on the new relationship between the two organizations, SVP of Customer Success & Partnerships at Instructure Melissa Loble said, "We are excited to expand our migration service offerings and launch an enhanced migration experience for our customers through our new partnership with K16." K16 Solutions CEO and Co-Founder Thomas Waite also expressed his happiness with their partnership with an industry leader like Instructure. “We’ve been in the seats of administrators and faculty, and we’ve experienced the frustrations of migration first-hand.” He went on to explain, “that experience informs everything we do in developing EdTech solutions. We've designed Scaffold Migration specifically to reduce the time and expense traditionally faced by institutions looking to move to a new LMS. This partnership will benefit institutions migrating to Canvas and, as such, will benefit the students they serve, which is our ultimate goal.” Both companies are looking forward to a future where the old hurdles that used to come along with LMS migration are no longer a worry.

Now Available

In partnership with Instructure, the K16 Solutions Scaffold Migration service is now available to all institutions moving from other LMS platforms to Canvas. Experience the transformation of what was once a time and resource-intensive process to what is now a quick, easy solution to the migration headache. Changing your learning management system has never been easier.

Keep learning,

Sam Yaghoubi

Vice President, K16 Solutions