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      Smarthinking Supports Students' Writing Needs

      It’s 10 PM, and the working mom in your course is struggling with her first draft. It’s 11 PM, and the student you told to revise his paper for proper documentation doesn’t know what to do. Your campus writing center is closed. You can’t keep up with late-night emails from students. How can you best support these students with full course loads and outside demands on their time?

      Canvas allows for an in-course link to Smarthinking tutoring. Students can navigate directly to personalized, substantive tutoring from your course page and can select from a range of on-demand Smarthinking tutoring services

      • meet with a live tutor in real time
      • submit a question or an essay draft and receive a detailed response within 24 hours
      • book a session with a tutor at the most convenient time for the student
      • meet with other students in a group chat to discuss an assignment or problem and invite a tutor to join whenever needed

      You can require those students with the greatest need for academic support to meet with a tutor in advance of a deadline so their work is better developed by the time it's submitted to you.  All of your students' tutoring interactions are archived so you can track their usage. We know that faculty course loads are heavy, and even though you want to, you can’t read every draft and respond to every question in time.

      Smarthinking partnerships with academic institutions have consistently shown that students who use Smarthinking have greater success in their courses. And you can be confident that your students are being supported by expert educators and academics who share your pedagogical approach and want to engage and guide students---NOT give them the answers or do the work for them.

      Let us assist with those late-night questions and that third draft. Learn more about embedding Smarthinking in your Canvas course page by contacting [email protected].

      Keep Learning,

      Allyson Tearnan, PhD

      Executive Director, Writing & Humanities
      Smarthinking Services, Pearson