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      Raising Our Commitment to Global Support

      Canvas family,

      Many of you are in the thick of returning to school, and we wish you the very best. Rest assured, our Support Team is working diligently to respond to all the customer requests in an efficient and timely manner. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen unprecedented numbers of support tickets, well beyond what any analysis might predict. Things are changing rapidly for everyone; institutions are preparing for multiple models of course delivery, and they need to be able to respond within hours to changes brought on by the pandemic. We know you need to be ready for any scenario at any time, and we are trying our best to be here for you. We are in this together.

      We are proud to say that our uptime continues to be best-in-class, delivering 99.99% uptime throughout the pandemic. Our team continues to work carefully to ensure Canvas is stable, reliable, and ever ready for whatever comes up.

      With teaching and learning back in full swing, our support ticket volume continues to be unpredictable, resulting in longer wait times. We understand the difficulty this creates, we are sorry, and we are putting the following things in place to help address the situation:

      • Hiring more support staff (we haven’t stopped hiring since March)
      • Bringing partners on to help with the increased number of requests
      • Assembling internal experts to help answer support questions in the queue
      • Ramping up Canvas Coaches to provide more help in the Community
      • Live streaming on 8.17 (and beyond) with expert Canvas Consultants, to address the top issues that are being reported to Support (Quizzes, Gradebook, Assignments, Cross List Sections, and Importing Course Content)

      While extended wait times are not the customer experience we seek to provide, we are navigating uncharted waters as education institutions determine their best path forward for back to school support. We strive to be the best partner we can and commit to doing better.

      We also need your help. Many of the support tickets are related to topics that can be easily fixed in a self-service manner. Below my signature, you will find a number of resources and opportunities we have lined up to help you and your educators in an even quicker, more effective fashion. Please share these resources with your educators.

      We also welcome all of your ideas. If you have any suggestions for how we can help our Canvas community through this critical time of the year, please send me an email.

      We are committed to you, our education family, and thank you for your trust, support, and help in getting through this.

      Keep Learning,

      Melissa Loble
      Chief Customer Experience Officer

      Canvas Resources to Help Educators

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