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      Get ready for the next evolution in high-performing assessment tools! Today Canvas unveiled its world-class testing engine--Quizzes.Next--to allow designers and teachers create and administer digital assessments with greater ease and reliably. Quizzes.Next showcases a faster and more efficient UI, greater scalability, and more item types. 

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      Classrooms throughout the world are becoming increasingly dependent on assessment, not only to measure achievement but to give students feedback, allow instructors to improve design and delivery (even for large courses!), and give admins improved access to data that better support competency-based education (CBE) models by aligning one or many outcomes to individual items as well as an assessment. Quizzes.Next meets those demands. Research shows that students who prepare for tests through regular active recall of information (such as a daily quiz) perform significantly better than students who prepare just by studying.

      Quizzes.Next item types for modern assessment include: Categorization, File Upload, Fill in the Blank, “Hot Spot”, Matching, Mathematics, Multiple Choice, Open-ended response (essay), Ordering, and True / False.

      You can access assessment on-demand and on practically any device thanks to its responsive design. Plan for a limited rollout of Quizzes.Next to start in August. Our product team is continuously working to add to the Quizzes.Next toolset in the coming months.

      Keep Learning,

      Jason Sparks, M.Ed.
      Senior Product Manager, Instructure