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      Product Announcements, Community Love, and Educator Honors at InstructureCon 2019

      Learnin' Safari

      We had an amazing time with more than 3,000 of our closest friends at InstructureCon 2019! Plenty of sun, sand, surf, speakers, and sessions for all of the groovy educators/learners. Long Beach was the place to be, and we are still dizzy from all of the edtech goodness.

      We want to keep the collaboration and best practices flowing in this recap of an amazing week:

      Product Announcements

      Trouble remembering all of the great product announcements throughout InstructureCon? We've got ya covered! Read this annual summary of announcements and resources, including updates on Analytics, Mobile, and video in Canvas Studio.

      Community Support

      Much of the good feelings at InstructureCon come from our Canvas Community. Melissa Loble, Senior Vice President of Customer Success and Partnerships, spoke about the multiplier effect of moments, and the learning communities that surround us and make them possible. Several Canvas Community members weighed in:

      “The amazing friendships we make with these random encounters at InstructureCon make the whole trip worth it.”

      “Thank you Instructure for developing and supporting this Canvas Community that I am so humbly proud to be a part of!”

      Read more in  “Awesome to the Power of C(ommunity)”.

      Collaboration for Education 

      During the conference, we had the chance to spend some quality time with 71 partners. In addition, we made some great announcements, including our collaboration to bring the App Development with Swift coding curriculum to Canvas Commons, and new ways we are simplifying access to AWS educational content. 

      An Educator Celebration

      During the conference, we also announced our Educator of the Year Award winners and our recipients of the Canvas Student Scholarship Contest. Not only did our team have the chance to connect with the amazing Canvas community during the event, we also spoke with industry analysts and members of the media. We connected about product updates, previous acquisitions, partner news, and industry trends. 

      Many reporters have written about their InstructureCon experiences, including eLearning Inside News, IBL News, Campus Technology, EdSurge and Forbes. Feel free to share your experiences on your social channels, and be sure to tag #InstCon! 

      Gone learnin'

      Hope to see you at InstructureCon next summer!

      And as always...

      Keep learning,

      The Canvas Team