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      Plagiarism Improvements Detected

      Our Canvas Platform team has been hard at work building the new Canvas plagiarism platform that was announced last spring, and as part of that project, we’ve been working closely with our partners to ensure that their solutions will work well with the new framework. A lot has changed since our announcement last spring, so it’s time for an update!

      If you’ll recall, our objective is to create a look, feel, and functionality that has parity with the existing plagiarism solutions, but with a standardized way for plagiarism detection service providers to talk to Canvas (and, as you know, we love standards around here because they promote a fair and open ecosystem). 

      This new framework will mean that teachers just have to check an additional box to enable plagiarism detection when they’re setting up a new assignment. Also, they can configure any custom settings the tool offers from that page. As a student, you’ll submit your assignment as you would any file upload assignment, but you may need to check a box to agree to the plagiarism pledge.

      The typical features for an assignment with a file upload submission type will still be available for use. Here are some of the main features that we will continue to support:

      • Attaching Canvas rubrics to plagiarism-enabled assignments

      • Differentiating due dates

      • Allowing resubmissions after due dates have passed

      • Permitting students to submit files from other LTI tools that leverage the homework submission placement (ex: O365 and Google Apps)

      This all sounds great, you’re saying. When will I actually be able to use it? Here’s some info on our tentative timeline and implementation plans:

      -We currently are working very closely with each of our plagiarism partners (Turnitin, Unicheck [formerly Unplag], Urkund, and Vericite) to ensure they have their questions answered and their roadblocks addressed.

      -The Canvas plagiarism platform is complete enough that some plagiarism detection service providers have working beta integrations that can be demoed or even piloted. We recommend you contact your plagiarism detection service provider to determine a timeline for when you might be able to start testing their integration.

      -There are a few items Canvas needs to implement for some plagiarism detection service providers to be comfortable starting a beta program, but we are currently discussing and prioritizing these features.

      -Many plagiarism detection service providers also offer LTI integrations. We’ve encouraged them to continue offering and maintaining these solutions since we’ve found that many users still prefer the offered experience.

      We hope these updates get you excited about the improvements to come. Have questions about what to expect, or feedback you want to share? You’re always welcome to reach out to me at [email protected]

      Keep learning,

      Melissa Loble
      VP Platform & Partnerships, Instructure