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      Plagiarism Checker Eases Burden for Teachers & Encourages Critical Thinking for Students

      Unicheck is a plagiarism checker that integrates seamlessly with Canvas and performs automatic checks for plagiarism of any written submissions in the LMS. And while this succinctly tells you what Unicheck does, it doesn’t tell you why we’re different from other plagiarism checkers.

      We created Unicheck to make the academic experience more transparent and honest, while also easing the burden of checking for plagiarism for students and teachers. Our software doesn’t just point a finger but approaches the problem comprehensively and with an open mind.

      Working With Teachers

      Unicheck enables teachers to check for plagiarism against online sources (including open access journals and repositories), as well as an institution’s internal database (including current class submissions). Our report identifies similarities, citations, and references by highlighting them in student submissions and presents search results in a simple, yet detailed manner. With just a glance, teachers can see the percentage of similarity between a student’s submitted paper and search results. For details, they just click on the report to learn more and the list of used sources is all linkable.

      Working for Students

      Academic integrity is at the heart of our global mission. After all, Unicheck stands for United, Unique, and Universal—and we carry those principles forward with every assignment we check. We’re mindful that our technology can affect a student’s academic life and career, and we keep their interests always in mind, especially considering the amount of work they put into each assignment. Our job is not to be a watchdog or bully but to point out the weaker spots in a student’s work and to encourage them to think critically.

      Unicheck & Canvas Webinar

      In August 2017, we partnered with Canvas to host a webinar highlighting our two-click Canvas installation and explaining our new features and simplified workflow. Watch the recorded video from our webinar to learn more about Unicheck and how it solves the problem of plagiarism.

      Beyond our deep integration with Canvas, we also offer attentive customer support, regular automatic updates from our in-house development team, the ability to connect to any custom database, and our willingness to receive suggestions and feedback from customers. Check out our new pricing, which provides all general Unicheck features free for a number of countries.

      Keep learning,

      Ivan Klymenko 
      Director of Partnerships at Unicheck