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      PebblePad and Canvas–Supporting Students in Every Step of Their Unique Learning Journeys

      A partnership built for success.

      Lennon and McCartney, macaroni and cheese, Woody and Buzz. All wonderful and brilliant in their own right, but arguably even better when working in partnership. Much like the PebblePad and Canvas integration.

      Yet, while the 'value-add' of the cheese and macaroni partnership may be instantly recognizable, many will not so readily identify the value PebblePad’s Learning Journey Platform brings to universities already using a highly capable LMS like Canvas. But the simple fact is that more and more universities are integrating Canvas and their digital ecosystems with PebblePad, and, in doing so, bolstering their institution-wide capacity for supporting their students' unique learning journeys.

      So why are we seeing this trend? In short, because student-centered, experiential learning initiatives are notoriously difficult to support and assess, especially at scale. We PebblePaddlers have talked extensively about how learning and reflection are challenging and often deeply personal processes. But while these processes are crucial for developing future-ready learners, they raise real challenges for universities, not least because they frequently take place in diverse settings, both on and off-campus.

      Even the best LMS platforms, typically designed with content delivery in mind, are not geared up for allowing the freedom, creativity and independence learners need to make the most of their diverse and individual learning journeys. In this respect, flexibility is essential. And PebblePad offers unrivalled flexibility and versatility to help universities stay closely connected to students throughout their unique learning journeys and to ensure that learners are happy and on track. 

      Supporting & showcasing success

      PebblePad is a Learning Journey platform built by educators to support student-centered education at scale. But many in the HE community still think of PebblePad as a portfolio platform, and for good reason. But PebblePad is, without question, more than just an eportfolio. While traditional portfolio-like platforms tend to focus on output and showcasing achievement at the expense of helping learners reflect and capitalize on their experiences as they progress on their higher education journey, PebblePad does both - enabling learners to plan, record, reflect on, make sense of, and curate evidence of their learning from induction through to graduation and beyond. The end result? Significant value at every touchpoint in the learning journey, an ability to support real-world learning and authentic assessment, and an altogether more meaningful and connected experience for the learner. PebblePad is designed to support:

      Learning design that is:

      • Scaffolded
      • Incremental
      • Collaborative
      • Iterative
      • Dialogic
      • Visible

      Learning that is:

      • Developmental
      • Authentic
      • Purposeful
      • Personal
      • Evidenced
      • Reflective

      The dream partnership?

      If the ambition of HE institutions is to develop flexible, well-rounded graduates, then it goes without saying that this requires well-rounded and flexible digital learning ecosystems. Ecosystems capable of operating at scale and supporting learning in any context, both on and off-campus. Across the global HE community, PebblePad's integration with Canvas is making this ambition a reality.

      Learn more at or come and say hello at InstructureCon 21.

      A trusted partner – about PebblePad

      PebblePad is trusted by universities across the globe to support institution-wide teaching, learning and assessment initiatives. It's why our global customer base, just like our team, is growing year on year. Our 17-year track record of consistently delivering exceptional customer service and pedagogical support has resulted in an enviable number of outstanding examples of trailblazing and award-winning educational practice.