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      Pathify x Canvas: Peas and Carrots

      Chances are if you attended InstructureCon you’ve already made a series of really great decisions for students. If you use Canvas—you’ve invested in a game changing platform that amplifies, elevates, and enriches a student’s capacity to learn. If you’re considering moving to Canvas—you’re in the process of making one of the best technology decisions your school will ever make. In either case it’s likely you value a few key factors when thinking about how people interact with technology…it has to be simple…it has to be accessible on any device…it has to drive community and engagement…and it has to be personalized.

      If we’re on the right track let's expand the conversation outside the classroom, focusing next on the overall student experience. We here at Pathify submit that the single biggest technology crisis in higher ed today is the proliferation of systems, applications, content, and resources flying through students’ lives—every second of every day. The pandemic not only accelerated this crisis as schools invested heavily in tech to support remote and hybrid learning models, it also unequivocally proved schools must provide a digital forum for community—both on and off campus.  

      Some schools choose to approach these challenges from the perspective of mental health—it’s actually incumbent on higher ed to address these issues in order to improve students’ mental health and wellness. Other schools take a more financial approach, focusing on the reality that this is the most competitive market for student recruiting and acquisition in the history of higher ed—and there will be winners (and losers) as schools battle to keep enrollment numbers positive.

      Whatever the catalyst, it’s clear Canvas customers see Pathify as the logical next step in evolving the tech stack, with Canvas customers representing (by a long shot) our biggest growth segment in the last 12 months. Our two companies are investing heavily to drastically improve how we interact and integrate, in most cases materially amplifying LMS usage and satisfaction by surfacing interesting (critical) information to students as a keystone of their own personalized dashboard. As Instructure and Pathify continue to deepen our strategic partnership in the coming months and years, stay tuned—we’ve got some pretty amazing stuff on the way!

      Joint customers tell us though that implementing Pathify was about a lot more than a really slick integration with Canvas. Customers implementing Pathify do so in order to provide a single, unified user experience hub that ties together all systems, content, resources, and people digitally.  

      Pathify delivers a personalized dashboard for all users, pulling key information to the center of people’s day—on any device. Canvas data, SIS data, the bus schedule, whether or not there’s a washing machine available in the basement…we’ll integrate whatever your school wants ensuring students no longer need to navigate the maze of technology and resources currently overwhelming them. We’ll also eliminate the further complication of maintaining a separate student portal and mobile app by providing complete web/mobile feature parity. And making this experience available throughout the entire student lifecycle—from prospective student through to alumni—drives higher enrollment conversion while keeping your institution's most valuable investment potential engaged in the community.

      So like we said at the start—based on where you’re reading this there’s a VERY high probability you’re someone that makes really great decisions for students. Whether it’s putting you in touch with other Canvas customers that moved to Pathify, speaking with a member of our team, or attending our Fall Virtual Summit later this year…we’d love to engage.  

      Give us a shot at solving the biggest technology crisis in higher ed. And let’s try to have some fun while we do it!

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