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New at InstructureCon: Blueprint Courses

Today we announced Blueprint Courses, which make it easy for Canvas administrators and designers to deploy, update, and maintain Canvas course design templates across any number of courses or instructors. 

BluePrint Courses 2

While institutions could approximate this one-to-many distribution in Canvas either manually or through the API, the process is complicated, error-prone, and time-consuming. To make solve this problem, we created Blueprint Courses which:

  • saves time, energy, and mistakes on deployment and updating
  • controls the quality and consistency of standardized courses (deploy, update, lock)
  • maximizes the value of cost-intensive instructional design through reuse
  • limits instructor changes to core materials, while enabling instructors to personalize and expand the course (role permissions)
  • provide consistent learning experiences for students

BluePrint Courses 3

Help your teachers begin with the end in mind with Blueprint Courses, the easy way to make sure every Canvas course starts with the outcomes, standards, or other components that define your vision for the student experience. Blueprint Courses is in production for all customers now, and we have additional resources here.

Keep Learning,

Matt Goodwin
Senior Product Manager, Instructure