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The New and Improved EduAppCenter

Ahhhh, springtime! Warmth, flowers, knowing summer is right around the corner. These are all good things. Spring also means “spring cleaning," which provides a chance to renew and refresh things. The Canvas Platform team has been doing a little spring cleaning recently and is happy to announce the renewed and refreshed EduAppCenter, along with some new features in the Canvas App Center.

Beware: Always take proper precautions
while cleaning.

As a refresher (because we’re still in spring cleaning mode), EduAppCenter is our new public catalog of LTI integrations (or apps) that replaces the old site. The Canvas App Center is where you go within the Canvas interface to install apps in your courses or accounts. So, when you click to select a new app within the Canvas App Center, it’s pulled from the EduAppCenter. Simple, right?

The updated EduAppCenter brings some nifty new features and improvements, including:

  • Improved search, including filters, which make it easier for you to browse and pinpoint the apps you’re looking for.
  • New app whitelist management designed to help you manage which apps appear in your Canvas App Center, so you can maintain your organization’s whitelist without involving your Canvas Customer Success Manager.
  • A new private apps feature makes it possible for you to add your own homegrown LTI apps to EduAppCenter. This new infrastructure makes it easier for you to tailor a unique app experience through Canvas for your users.
  • Improved LTI app management allows Canvas partners, as well as community and institutional LTI developers, to have more options for managing apps they submit to EduAppCenter. All apps are viewable to the app owner in one place and developers are able to share base configuration settings between multiple apps or use our integrated tools to assist with building LTI configuration XML and app options. 
  • Improved popular apps, including Kahn Academy, Public Resources, Quizlet, Redirect Tool, SchoolTube, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube.

Since the rollout of EduAppCenter a few weeks ago, a number of Canvas institutions have already begun setting up their own whitelists and adding private apps. With nearly 135 apps already in EduAppCenter and 43 Certified and Premier Canvas partners, Canvas has the largest, most open LMS app ecosystem in the industry. Providing you choices and easy integrations is what this year’s spring cleaning has been all about.

Keep learning.
Mike Z