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      Meet your new best friend: Implementation Consultant

      One of the most significant decisions you can make as a learning institution is what technology to partner with, and namely what Learning Management System (LMS) to use. The process of choosing an LMS often include committees, RFPs, and reaching out to vendors about available integrations. But once the contract is signed and you’re ready to start your implementation, the next questions are, where do you go, and how do you get there? When you choose an LMS, it's not just the software and features you are choosing, it’s also the customer service. With Canvas, this is where your Implementation Consultant (IC) comes into the picture.

      Implementation Consultants have expertise in SaaS project management, edTech, and exceptional customer service. Collectively, the Implementation team has managed more than 2000+ implementations, ranging from small K-12 private schools, to the largest universities and consortiums. When it comes to managing your Canvas implementation, your Canvas IC will work closely with you to help provide best practices to ensure a successful journey.

      In your conversations with the implementation team, we explore and define your goals, put these goals into your project plan, then execute and finalize them so you can continue your regular operations. When the arc of the implementation is complete, our Customer Success team keeps the relationship going and helps you in perpetuity.

      As administrators and educators, deciding which LMS SaaS technology to go with is a difficult decision. Instructure’s Implementation Consulting team will help you with the burden of managing your project so your faculty and students can focus on adopting the new LMS.

      Keep learning,
      Jason Peacock
      Implementing Canvas At Your Institution, Instructure