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      MasteryConnect Feature Release: Making Assessments More Accessible

      If this year’s turbulent back-to-school season has taught us all anything, it’s that teaching and learning will continue to change—and technology will play a large role in instructional continuity methods. While the connection between a teacher and a learner cannot be replaced with technology, the right tools should provide teachers with the flexibility to meet students where they are. Frequent and flexible assessments are instrumental in reaching and supporting every learner, and as students and teachers adapt to a new way of learning, their assessment tools should adapt with them—allowing educators to customize assessments and students to easily access all learning tools in one centralized location.

      To support this ongoing shift, MasteryConnect has launched several new features this year to deepen its integration with Canvas LMS and provide a better assessment experience for students. To support the continuation of blended, hybrid, and online learning this fall, MasteryConnect is launching four additional features with one goal in mind: improved accessibility for administrators, teachers, and students.

      #1 Simplifying Assessment Creation: Language Filters Now Available for Item Banks

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      The new MasteryConnect language filters allow educators and administrators to easily sort and identify Spanish and English items in any third-party item bank. This improvement will eliminate the need for teachers to search for items by title, and save time when creating formative assessments and reserving items for benchmark assessments.

      #2 Integrating Assignments & Assessments: MasteryConnect is now a Primary Submission Type in Canvas

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      It’s now easier than ever to link assignments to assessments! You can access a modal in Canvas that will display all of their active Trackers so they can select assessments with one click. No more cross-referencing and searching—assessments can be linked directly from your Canvas account. As seen below, once an assessment has been linked an indicator will display in the "assess" modal.

      #3 Emphasizing Mastery: MasteryConnect Has a New Look


      As MasteryConnect deepens its integration with Canvas LMS, we continue striving toward a cohesive experience and a seamless navigation between the two platforms. To celebrate our recent strides, MasteryConnect has been given a new look to align with Canvas branding. Don’t worry! It’s still the same platform you know and love—nothing has moved or fundamentally changed, it just has a more consistent look and feel throughout making it easier for teachers and administrators to view their data and identify actionable items in the product. The new blue and gray color scheme will make headers, buttons, and links appear uniform, leaving more room for mastery levels to steal the show. The best part? Now every pop of green on your dashboard will represent student growth.

      #4 Customizing Benchmarks: New Accommodation Tools for Administrators


      Administrators and benchmark facilitators will soon be able to provide additional accommodations to students taking benchmark assessments. These tools include flagging, strikethrough, and highlight functionalities to ensure students can demonstrate their understanding and are comfortable using digital tools that are often available on state assessments. Using these new functionalities intermittently throughout the year will provide a seamless transition for students between benchmark and state assessment experiences.  

      Want to see these new features in action?

      If you’re a MasteryConnect customer interested in learning more about these new features, reach out to your customer success manager for more information and support. If you’re a Canvas customer interested in learning more about how MasteryConnect can help you streamline data analysis, inform instructional decisions, and personalize student learning, call us at (801) 736-0258 or request a live demo.

      ICYMI: MasteryConnect kicked off the school year with new features to improve the student assessment experience and simplify school and district functionalities. 

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