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Made in the Shade: CanvasCon at Florida International University

It could be one of the most relaxing “work trips” you’ll ever take. Florida International University will host our first CanvasCon of 2018 on Wednesday, February 28. FIU’s motto is “Hope, Knowledge, Opportunity,” and CanvasCon FIU will give higher ed and K–12 educators all three as part of this one-day, regional event.

CanvasCon FIU

Florida International is a public research university and the largest university in South Florida. To give you a taste of the Miami flavor you can expect at CanvasCon FIU, we talked with the Assistant Vice President of FIU Online, Joseph Riquelme.

Why are you excited to host CanvasCon?

JR: Canvas’ commitment to innovation is a real game-changer for online learning. By hosting CanvasCon, we get to follow suit. For one, our staff and faculty will get a chance to exchange fresh ideas with Canvas users from different schools and industries. Whether Canvas beginners or experts, attendees will walk away with a new and improved sense of the learning power at their fingertips. Besides, what better way to get into the Canvas community spirit than to share our beautiful campus and our awesome team?

What is FIU’s Canvas Story?

JR: We first introduced Canvas in the summer of 2017, and the feedback from students and faculty was overwhelmingly favorable. Making the switch became a no-brainer. We rolled out the institutional migration this year with great success and plan to finalize the migration by Fall 2018. Consider us newborn pandas.

Aerial shot of Florida International University

Has Canvas solved a problem or challenge at your institution?

JR: Users at FIU have raved about how efficient and user friendly Canvas is for both faculty and students, praising its seamless communication and interactive learning capabilities. Though there are countless examples, the most exciting solution is the mobile interface. We recognize that mobile devices are a fundamental part of life for most of our students. This makes the Canvas mobile application an optimal tool for completing assignments, posting discussions, and catching up with readings. Students can now reliably interact with their courses anywhere.

How has technology enhanced teaching and learning at FIU?

JR: FIU’s student body is mostly comprised of non-traditional students that juggle both school and work. By applying advanced technology to online learning, we have made college accessible to students who might not have met their educational potential in a more traditional model. Now in its twentieth year, FIU Online has proven how full-throttle online education can make a real difference.

Anything else to add?

JR: We are very proud to host CanvasCon at FIU so early in our partnership with Canvas. It marks the beginning of our shared commitment to enhancing our online education. With the expertise of our faculty, staff, and instructional designers added to that of Canvas representatives and users from across schools and industries, CanvasCon will benefit everyone. 

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